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“… he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived.” (Shelley 52)

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All I could remember were the sounds; people yelling at the police force ahead of us, holding up signs that ranged from ‘LOVE IS LOVE’ to ‘WE’RE HUMAN TOO.’ There were thousands of us rallying, yet the stretch of people could make you think of a much, much bigger crowd than just that.

I was one of the front pusher for the protest, holding a sign of my own as well. “Love! Trumps! Hate! Love! Trumps! Hate!” The mantra had turned from a chant into a screaming match, the police officers owning a mantra of their own to battle ours back.

“Just go home, you scum! This won’t make any difference, no matter how long you stay out here!” One particular officer snarled, before landing his impatient gaze onto me. I stared back at him as I continued to scream, to cry out for Justice from our government, as the officer took a small but menacing step towards me. “All you are is a freak. A goddamn freak of nature, you hear me?” I averted my eyes from him as he spoke, yet that only seemed to spur the man further. One more step towards me, towards us. “You’ll never fit in with society, you ugly piece  of human garba-”.

He was cut off as another protestor beside me shoved him back, a spunky-looking girl with chopped hair dyed as blue as the afternoon sky. While she did so, she continued to chant, her eyes holding a challenge towards the officer. He smiled wickedly. “Oh, you know it’s true. YOU ALL KNOW THAT IT’S TRUE! YOU DON’T BELONG HERE WITH US, YOU MONSTERS! LEAVE US BE! YOU’LL NEVER BE A PART OF SOCIETY WITH US!” The stranger pushed the officer once more, much harder, and knocked him to the ground.

Immediately after the girl shoved him once more, all Hell seemed to break loose. Suddenly all of the officers surged forward, their fiberglass shields raised and thrust into our faces, forcing us back as they helped their fallen man. Out of the corner of my eye. I could see one policeman push his shield so hard into a man’s face that it seemed to break his nose, blood gushing downwards at a nonstop. Shouts continued, but they changed from our mantra into shouts of fear as protestors were forced backwards. Someone linked their arm into mine, and in a daze of confusion I swung my attention to my side. There she was, standing like a beacon of hope for everyone around her; the girl with the blue hair, a triumphant smile planted on her dark-painted lips. She shot her eyes at me and winked, her smile growing larger. “Don’t even think about listening to them. We’re just as human as them, if not more.” She swung her attention back to the scene in front of her. “WE’RE HUMANS, TOO! WE’RE HUMANS, TOO!” In her other arm, another person was linked, then another, and another, until a wall of us were standing up against a wall of them. Even my other arm became captive to the cause, and I soon found myself shouting along with everyone else, begging for our voices to be heard by not just the force ahead of us, but the entire world; “WE’RE HUMANS, TOO! WE’RE HUMANS, TOO!”

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In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, readers see the constant rejections from society that the creature must endure, as well as name calling such as “demon”, “monster”, and countless other terms. Although this novel was written in the 19th century, those elements are still present today. For my creative writing project, I decided to use the setting of an equality protest. The reason why I did so is because of the backlash that the protestors receive, not only from the police force, but also from pedestrian viewers and others who watch on a glass screen in the safety of their own homes. Instead of sticking to an exact scene in the book, however, I took the liberty of basing my story on a quote, which can be found in Chapter 5, after Frankenstein has created the creature; “… he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived.” (Shelley 52) This quote not only embodies the first rejections made towards the creature in its brief moments of innocent life, but also portrays the complete and utter helplessness that the creature is forced into. The creature, barely coming into existence, tries to welcome his “father”, Victor Frankenstein, by reaching out to him while he is lying in his bed, causing Frankenstein to panic for his own safety instead of trying to incorporate his experiment into society properly. This rejection causes the spur for the rest of the novel, from the creature learning life from a distance to the multiple murders committed. If it was not evident in my story, I had made a twist on the tale by creating a “happy” ending, with people rising up together instead of apart, in order to fight for what they believe is right and just.

– Jody R. Omlin

(SIDE NOTE: I do have a different version of Frankenstein that I am quoting from, so if you cannot find the passage on page 52, don’t worry! It is found in Chapter 5, when Victor awakens to find his creation staring down at him and smiling. :))


My dear Elizabeth, I was too late

diminished by the “vicious” hands of my own creation;

doing for me what no one would have ever thought.


Death be not what thou think I wanted

foolish ones, who thought they knew me

secrets kept-

only too come out once you all have “slept”.


Wishing for you to want me with the same desire

thinking it may be so,

after all, you may never know-


Shrieks I hear from down the hall

bouncing from wall to wall,

Should I run?

Or should I lie?

For I know that it has to be you that must die.


Across the bed, she is laid

only wishing that you would’ve stayed.

What I wouldn’t have given for just a glance,

at my wondrous creature.


Why did you leave, my true love?

Why not stay?

I know you must feel the same

or else why did you play my game?


Killing her for me,

because it was never meant to be;

at least not for her and I.


Will you be in my dreams tonight?

Or finally in my arms,

where I can hold you through the night?


Wishing, waiting, wanting-

for none other than you.

What else are secret lovers supposed to do?


I think of you every night,

with a little bit of spite-

I must admit,

it saddened me that you were the one who got to end it all.

And yet you won’t be the one to give me your all.

My distorted memory is all I have,

was it really me that wanted her gone?

The question I am left to ponder

Yes, but why was it you who got the honor?


My wife she was,

Nothing to you, maybe even nothing to me;

I still don’t understand what made you flee.


Bound to both, in separate ways

what am I to do now but count my days?

Until I see you again, I say this now


I loved you

and I love you

she gave me time

but I gave you life

forever battling to be my wife.

Dear Reader,

For this creative project, I decided to rewrite the scene of Elizabeth’s death into a poem. In my poem, I go into a different way to look at this scene, by making it seem like Victor wanted his wife to die. I made it seem like he had the creature kill her, in order for them to be together. I believed that this was one of the more crucial scenes throughout the novel, and by reworking it as a poem would help to convey even more of an emotional aspect. I want you, my readers to imagine Victor himself reading this poem aloud, to hear the tone of his voice and how it goes from sadness in the first stanza to mysterious in the second stanza to longing in the third and so on and so forth. Victor addresses Elizabeth directly only once throughout the poem, the rest of the time he is speaking more to the creature and questioning himself. The final stanza of the poem helps reflect that Victor was able to love Elizabeth, but was also in love with his creation, the way a mother has a bond with her child. This portrays the idea of Victor being jealous that he couldn’t give birth. The title of the poem is “My Two Loves” of course referring to Elizabeth and the creature reflects on Victor’s undecidedness. It was clear Victor never planned on spending his life with Elizabeth, which makes sense as to why he would want her dead, he was a little forced into the marriage. In class, we discussed with the dream scene how it demonstrated that Victor didn’t want Elizabeth because she wasn’t his mother but in fact, he wanted the creature. I wanted to keep the creature taking off after killing Elizabeth in this poem because I believe it helps demonstrate how Victor longed for what he couldn’t have.

-Alina Cantero

Judas’s Betrayal

frankenstein-and-bride1Arlyne Gonzalez

2018 Edition


In a sane world, life is formed inside a mother’s womb and that infant’s life commences at childbirth. However, in a town called All Hallows Eve lives a curious, ambitious and God complex fellow that goes with the name of Victor Frankenstein. All Hallows Eve is a very gloomy atmosphere where it consists of constant rain and grey skies. Victor and his family come from great wealth. He attended Transylvania college at the end of the city near the Screaming woods. Victor was attracted to the sciences and enrolled in mostly science related courses. Ever since Victor’s twin brother, Vlad passed away due to eating a poisonous apple from the Forbidden Tree inside the Screaming woods, Victor has been consumed by the concept of death, because death was what robbed him from his twin brother. Vlad had just passed away about 2 two weeks ago. Vlad and Victor reflected the same appearance and were inseparable until Vlad’s fate interfered. Vlad was the daredevil type and always wanted to embellish his bravery.

Victor was engaged and committed to his scientific studies. Victor and Elizabeth, a beautiful brunet with alabaster skin were both enrolled in an anatomy course. Elizabeth and Victor met as young teenagers in town and eventually married months before Vlad passed away. Elizabeth oddly began attending college right after her soon to be husband, Damon suddenly passed away. Elizabeth was not heartbroken by this tragedy, because she did not want to marry him in the first place, her parents compelled her to because they wanted to assure themselves that Elizabeth would be taken care of. Elizabeth was a sweet woman but encompassed a wicked side. One night, Elizabeth walked to the Screaming woods and picked one poisonous apple from the Forbidden Tree. She went back home and the next evening, she sliced the apple and made an appletini for Damon. She wanted Damon out of her life for good to prevent marrying him. As Damon consumed his poisonous drink, he fell from his chair onto the ground and Elizabeth watched as he slowly died. She called the ambulance saying he had a stroke, and her story was believed from many. Elizabeth’s story was known from everyone in town. Victor and his family accepted her with graciousness and sympathy. Victor’s father, Drac, always carried the notion that Elizabeth would be a fine match for Victor, and his mother, Scarlet agreed. His parents were glad they had gotten married.

Throughout his college journey, Victor wanted to do something much greater and meaningful with his life and talent within the scientific studies. He generated an insane notion to challenge nature and assume the role of God and attempt to create another creature. Victor became obsessive and made this his top life priority. He decided that the experiment would take place in an unknown lab at Transylvania college. Given that Victor was obsessed with death and inanimate objects, he craved his creature to be engineered by body parts. One night, he could not slumber and bizarrely drove to the town’s cemetery to pay a visit to Vlad’s grave. Visiting his dead brother’s grave did not sadden him, much more it was what triggered his aspiration and desire to persevere in the science field, therefore, his future experiment. Victor spotted a rusty shovel on the ground alongside a nearby grave. He immediately grabbed the shovel and impulsively began digging up Vlad’s grave and dragged his decomposed body to the vehicle. Victor drove to Transylvania college and heaved Vlad’s body into the lab. Victor placed the body on a table. He stood before the body for about a minute and was processing what he had just done. Victor was feeling a sense of regret; however, he was determined to proceed with his objective.

After a long night, and continuous concentration, Victor had successfully engineered his creature. As well as, generating an elixir that consisted of transforming a human being into a creature. Victor himself did not exactly  know why he invented this strange elixir, but he did not want to have any limits. The creature was ghastly looking and extremely tall, Victor was not impressed by its appearance. Given that Victor utilized his twin brother’s body parts, the creature resulted to be a male. The creature was not aware of his existence and was in confusion about his surroundings. Victor and the creature formed a brotherly relationship. The creature reflected some of Vlad’s physical characteristics that made Victor fonder of his experiment. Victor named his creature Judas. Throughout the days and nights, everything was going smoothly. Victor became Judas’ educator and taught him how to speak and read. Judas grew tiresome of living inside a lab that only had one window. Judas decided to live elsewhere, and the first place that came to mind was the Screaming woods. There, Victor and Judas both built a small cabin big enough for Judas to live comfortably and can be concealed by humans.

One day, Judas went outside to search for food. Judas was considered more of an herbivore because he only liked consuming plants and fruits. There were plenty of bushes filled with berries. As Judas was eating his berries, he heard a man and a woman strolling through the woods, they seemed lost and frightened. Judas hit underneath the bushes and just gazed at the couple. Judas was able to identify that there were a female and a male. Judas observed how happy and lovely the couple looked. Something that Judas was now craving to have, he often felt lonely and wanted someone to share his life with. The next day, Judas told Victor what he had seen and confessed to wanting to have a female partner in his life. Victor paused and gave it some thought, he had told Judas that he had invented an elixir that would transform any human into a creature like himself. Judas was filled with joy, but Victor had told him that he was not willing of using it on someone. Although Victor was impulsive, he still had his morals. Judas was angered by Victor’s decision and stormed off into the Screaming woods inside his cabin.

As Judas was pacing inside his cabin, he felt anger toward Victor for not being accommodating to his needs. At nightfall, Judas walked to the lab at the college with the determination of searching and finding the elixir. Elsewhere, Victor was with Elizabeth at their home discussing their plans for the night given it was Elizabeth’s birthday. After scrambling every drawer and cabinet, Judas had found the elixir. His heart was racing, and his palms were sweating, so many thoughts came rushing down Judas’ mind. He was so angry with Victor because he felt as though Victor betrayed him for not wanting to give him a female partner. Judas knew where Victor and his wife, Elizabeth lived and walked to their home covered in a long black robe, so people would not be frightened of him. As Judas reached Victor and Elizabeth’s home, he stood in front of a window just watching how happy Victor and Elizabeth looked. This angered Judas more. As he saw Victor leave the living room, Judas acted immediately and sneaked into the window. He saw Elizabeth sitting on the couch reading a book. Judas pulled out the elixir from his pocket and then grabbed Elizabeth. Elizabeth screamed from the top of her lungs, Victor came running to the living room. He was too late, Judas had already forcibly poured the elixir down Elizabeth’s throat. After a few minutes, Elizabeth’s alabaster skin had turned rugged, her hair became black as the night and she grew a great deal. Victor was in disbelief and felt an anger he had never felt before. He wanted to kill Judas right then and there. Elizabeth was still herself, but not physically. It was as though Elizabeth was stuck someone else’s body, screaming to get out but could not. She begged Victor to fix her, but Victor had not a clue how to.

Seeing there was no solution to her misfortune, Elizabeth detested her appearance, she walked to her safe and grabbed her gun. She last uttered, “Victor, I love you forever”, and shot herself on the head. Victor immediately shed tears and fell to the floor in distraught. Victor grabbed Elizabeth and dragged her to his car. He took her body to the Screaming woods and buried her behind Judas’ cabin. Judas followed and saw Victor burying Elizabeth. Judas did not regret his decision, his plan failed. He did not get a female creature and lost Victor’s trust and bromance. A few days had passed, Judas and Victor had not spoken to one another. Victor could not take the pain of losing Elizabeth, so one evening Victor walked to the Screaming woods, headed toward the Forbidden tree, snatched a poisonous tree and took a bite. A few minutes later, Victor fell to the floor and slowly died. Judas shortly came over Victor’s body and spotted the bitten apple near Victor. Judas felt a sense of sympathy and sadness toward Victor’s unconscious body. Judas bent down, grabbed the bitten apple and took a bite of it as well. Minutes after, Judas fell next to Victor and both were unconscious on the ground, their death was peaceful…quiet. Victor was the first person Judas saw when he opened his eyes and was also his last when he closed them…forever.



Dear New York Publisher,

I am beyond pleased and honored to have been nominated for the best author for the rewrite of Frankenstein. I am aware that you have mentioned that you were impressed by the 1832 version’s influence on my short story. Although I grasped some of the 1832 content and incorporated it into my story, I did make adjustments and slight changes. For the setting, I established the name of the town to be All Hallows Eve because Frankenstein itself is a very gloomy and depressing novel. I named the college Transylvania because it is associated with Count Dracula’s castle and I believed it would project a chilling and eerie atmosphere. In my version of the story, Victor instead of having a younger brother, he had a twin brother named Vlad. The name comes from Vlad the Impaler from the 1400s. He was previously mentioned in a recent film called “Dracula Untold”, the film consisted of Lord Impaler turning to the darkness to save his kingdom and that darkness is him becoming a vampire, the vampire I should say. In other words, given that the town is named All Hallows Eve,  which is another term for Halloween, vampirism is a common costume one chooses to wear that particular night. Vlad dies from eating a poisonous apple from the Forbidden tree inside the Screaming woods. I adopted a biblical sense throughout the novel, because in the 1832 version, the creature considered himself to be both Adam and Satan, he referred to the bible multiple times throughout the novel. As well as Victor, given that he assumed the role of God by generating another creature. The Forbidden Tree was one of the highlights in my short story because a lot of death was surrounded around that tree.

I decided to incorporate some background of Elizabeth, but I decided to change her story into an interesting yet dark story. In the original novel, the women are depicted as innocent clean characters, my goal was to communicate how both men and women are able to get their hands dirty. As well as, Elizabeth attending college and pursuing an education. The major twist of my short story was Victor paying a visit to Vlad’s grave and Victor digging up that grave to retrieve his brother’s body. I wanted to demonstrate how in the 1832 version, the Frankenstein family portrayed odd family relations and I wanted to communicate that in my short story as well. The rationale for Victor naming the creature Judas goes back to the bible. According to the Bible, Judas was one Jesus’s disciples and he eventually betrayed Jesus. In my short story, the creature, Judas betrays Victor’s trust and bromance because he utilized Victor’s elixir on Elizabeth that turned her into another creature. Towards the end of my short story, both Victor and Judas commit suicide by both taking a bite from the same tree and from the same apple. Three deaths were triggered by this particular tree in my short story because I wanted to keep coming back to a specific place that affected some of the characters.

I do hope my elaboration on my short story of Frankenstein made sense and provided an extensive amount of imagination and creativity. My main objective was to take the 1832 version of Frankenstein and reshape that version my way and communicate it in a different tone and atmosphere. I thank you again for your sparked interest in my work and I cannot wait to start working toward the success of my work.


Arlyne Gonzalez





Kindness and Caution: Attitudes Towards Adam

Selection 2 has the broadest observation over the film since, in almost every scene that is essential, there is always that underlying notion about what compassion and inhumanity should be enacted upon Adam. As we see with the scenes with Eddie, he is compassionate to “Monster” as he knows that he is unable to speak and has trouble understanding the world; a trait of community and understanding that ultimately leads to a development for Adam. However, the inhumanities Adam had suffered from his very creator Victor (and Elizabeth) through the process of Euthanasia can be seen in smaller sequences throughout the film; mostly upon other interactions with people since they see Adam as just a grotesque abomination. A good fit for one who is both kind and cautious of Adam would have been Wanda, where she is shocked by his appearance but nevertheless respects him and tries to educate him (in more ways than one(until her exit(yeesh))).

Alejandro Joseph Serrano


By Marco Hidalgo

Throughout Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, Victor is not close to his loved ones and he suffers from their death due to the actions of his creation. When victor created the creature he applied his scientific knowledge to make a beautiful creation but turned out to be the opposite of what he expected, he then abandoned the creature and left it isolated on his own. We don’t exactly know why Victor created a male creature in the first place he created the creature to replace his dead mother so why didn’t he create a female creature? Is it probably because he had the mindset of males dominate over anything and that they could well take care of them selfs just like how Jessica Rae Fisher said in her post, I am Frankenstein’s Monster: An echo of Susan Stryker’s call to action “the boys can take care of themselves.” She stated that her father also bullied her and that reflects on how she felt alone and isolated away from anyone just like how the creature felt with how people in the village felt about him when they saw he wasn’t like them. In Frankenstien, the creature asked Victor to create a female creation for him so he won’t feel sad and lonesome, Victor knew how the creature was felling with not having anyone with him so he took his advise and began to create the female creature. Midway with creating the female creature, Victor stopped to think what would happen if he did finish this and explained “children, and a race of devils would be propagated upon the earth” (Shelly 144). Victor seemed to not be responsible to create a new race with children so he then distroyed his creation and didn’t fulfill the creature’s request. Before victor was fine with creating the creature but now he doesn’t want to create the female creature? Probably Victor didn’t think about it until the creature wanted to be happy with someone in his life and how victor suffered in his life with the loss of his mother and being isolated to just his studies. Fisher ended her post with “I can want to kill them with kindness, but their vitriol and hatred might wear down on me faster” and this is exactly how the creature was in the novel with wanting someone to love and not some to criticize him because of his appearance. victors-gender

Feminism 17th Century

In Anne Mellor’s essay, “A Feminist Critique of Science”,  Mellor discusses the conception of Frankenstein vs. nature. In Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” she talks about the 17 century everything threw a feminist point of view. Victors creation which was what Mellor described as “bad” science, was a replacement for his mother since he couldn’t find love in any way. The creature was created to serve victor and to reach his special needs. “The scientist who analyses, manipulates, and attempts to control nature unconsciously engages in a form of oppressive sexual politics.” (Mellor 12). This shows how victor’s creation was to represent his mother but then it backfires upon himself since it didn’t turn out the way he wanted it. The creature categorized himself as “Adam” which is not what Victor wanted he wanted a woman to be with him his mother to be precise.  He believes that women don’t get to make their own decisions and that he would be the one to overpower and dominate the mind of a woman so he made the creature that had no conscience at the time so he would shape it to his own needs. Victors thoughts about his mother and his experience in chemical physiology are what led his male dominance to create the impossible.

-Marco Hidalgo

in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the creature can be viewed as a physical representation of the working class when analyzed through a feminist view. It can be viewed as this since Anne Mellor’s essay attacks the society and how it is structured to be a man’s world. So viewing the creature as the working class and it being a man goes to show how everyone in this time period believed that women couldn’t work in the labor force. They did this since they believed women couldn’t possibly have the same mental and/or physical capabilities of a man.


In “A Feminist Critique of Science” by Anne Mellor, it critiques the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Mellor concludes that “the scientist who analyses, manipulates, and attempts to control nature unconsciously engages in a form of oppressive sexual politics” (12). Victor successfully accomplished to create life with his own hands, but that was a big responsibility for him. He could not handle what was to come after his creation was brought to life. This was too much (Godlike) power for a person to have because it disrupts the nature of life. Reproduction should come naturally and people should not try to change it. Changes in nature can disrupt the order of life and make it difficult to get back the original order. Victor, being a male, makes himself the “mother” of his creation. This takes motherhood away from women by depriving them of the one thing they can do that men are not capable of. That is why it is hard for Victor to take care of the monster and runs away when seeing him for the first time because he does not have that natural loving mother characteristic (Mellor, 7). Being a mother means you are gifted with a new life and are responsible to take care of it, Victor’s selfish ambition leads him to think “a new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me” (57). He could never understand that creating life is so much more than that and it takes time and love to raise a new life.

Mellor strongly argues that the creation was a mistake from the moment the idea was thought of and describes how dangers it is to condemn this type of science. Victor eagerly wanting his creation to be brought to life without thinking about the effects it has on nature is dangerous. He isolated himself from his father and loved ones because he was deep into his work and forgets to look around and see all the natural beauty around him. He lost touch with real science when creating the creature because he wanted to be the first person to ever create life without giving birth.

-Marycarmen Nieto

Victor The Birth Giver

Arlyne Gonzalez

In construing Anne K. Mellor’s essay in dissecting Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, she is responding and questioning the novel’s content that revolves around the ideology of science. Mellor carried the notion that science must not be manipulated nor taken lightly because she believed science should not consume one’s life. Mellor poses the question of Victor immediately depicting his experiment and engineering a male creature rather than a female creature. Other than that obvious detail in the novel, Mellor explored how “Erasmus Darwin, and Luigi Galvani-together with the teachings of two of their ardent disciples, Adam Walker, and Percy Shelly, were crucial to Mary Shelly’s understanding of science” (Mellor, 2). Mellor is emphasizing how Shelly to gain knowledge of science ideologies, she had to generate research and apply that research to her novel. Mellor was focused on how the gender roles that were presented in the novel; the male characters playing a dominant role and are considered to be in the upper-class division, while the female characters were considered to be in the lower-class division and throughout the novel, the women often faced death fates and encompassed a weak sense of self. For instance, Victor’s mother died of scarlet fever, even though Victor got ill multiple times in the novel and overcame those illnesses. As well as Justine Moritz, a young girl who was immediately convicted guilty for a crime she did not commit, and she falsely confessed to the crime and sacrificed her life in an execution. The judge nor anyone opposed Justine’s execution nor defended her innocence. Although Mellor did point out an important gender role in the novel, what was missing from her evaluation was the fact the entire novel was written by a woman, Mary Shelly, an adolescent woman at the age of nineteen writing about science and how science ideologies affected society as a whole in the nineteen century. Mary Shelly was challenging women’s’ status in society by educating herself about science, she was placing a pedestal for women and justifying to the world that women as well can express knowledge on enlightened ideals.

Mellor recognized the dangerous hazards that Victor encountered when he generated the creature. Victor was being guided by his ignorant conscience and did not put forth much thought into what he was doing. Victor did not only want to play the role of God and challenge nature, but Victor encompassed a twisted mind where he wanted to play the role of giving birth as well. The novel steers away from natural gender roles, whereas the woman is the one who conceives the infant and the father is a contributing factor to creating the infant. The novel interchanges gender roles and illustrates Victor inventing another creature applying science methods. The creature was an overgrown infant that encompassed deformed physical features because the creature was generated by science, not the natural way of being conceived. The fact that Victor wanted to play the role of giving birth triggers the idea of Victor questioning his gender, more specifically, his sexuality. Meaning, Victor was always fascinated with beauty and perfection. It can be concluded that Victor was never in love with Elizabeth, but much rather her self-image. Can it be that Victor perhaps wanted to be a woman? Did he envy Elizabeth’s physical features and was not truly devastated by her death? Victor encompasses serious and twisted issues with himself and throughout the novel, he is isolated from his family and is alone with his dark thoughts and sorrow. It can be concluded that Victor was not happy with his life and knew that something was missing from his life but did not quite know what the missing puzzle piece to his gloomy life.   victor-experiment

Your spouse is your parent?

On page 60 of “Frankenstein” Victor has a wild fantasy about his spouse, Elizabeth, transforming into his deceased mother. When you psychoanalyze Victor’s dream you can see how he tries to replace the death of his mother by marrying his cousin, Elizabeth, this is solidified by Shelley’s imagery of Elizabeth deteriorating into the image of his mother after a kiss. Freud’s beliefs are exercised since victor can fathom the idea of his wife becoming his mother just how men are conditioned to perceive the female genitalia as uncanny. Freud’s thoughts are also shown in the passage where Victor can’t seem to find an explanation for his wild dream. This is similar to how Freud believes that the definition of uncanny is its own definition and its opposite, it doesn’t make sense like how victor’s dream doesn’t make sense.

-Alexander Alfaro