Lyrics Written and Sung By Cathryn Flores

Musical Instrumental from Billie Eilish’s “Come Out and Play”


Musical Intro

Verse 1:


I sit here

And feel the wind blow

Upon this mountain

My mind is free to soar

But I stay here

Without a shoulder, to lean on.


I’ve got to find out

Everything for myself

Verse 2:


I hear the birds

Chirping loudly

Can’t distinguish it but

I think the word is


I’m in a crisis

Tell me what to do!



And I know,

This world is crazy

I’m not wanted

But I must stay here

If Victor doesn’t want me,

That’s fine

I’ll figure this for myself.

Navigating this life as a fool

But I’m only a fool

to you

Musical Break


Verse 3:


I feel snow

Running down my back

Feel like I want to attack

This rage inside

I can’t help but hide

This hollowness inside

can’t even be burned by


The more time passes by

I just want to hide

Chorus 2:


Why must I

be burdened by

My abilities inside?

Tell me why! Tell me why.

Nobody appreciates me

I have to move on,

Before I hurt them all.

I’m not fit for society

My psychological distress

Master isn’t impressed,

Of my progress

Guess I’m a fool,

To everyone else too.



Dear Musical Engineer,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my work and accepting this art form to tell the story of Frankenstein. The reason I chose to tell the story of Victor Frankenstein’s monster through song and lyrics is because through singing, the audience is able to feel and hear the hurt and compassion the monster feels while being in isolation. This song takes place during a scene in the beginning of the novel, ranging from pages 95-96 in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Here, the monster is alone in an ice cave and away from society. The inspiration behind creating this song was to write it from the monster’s perspective while in the cave before interacting with Victor Frankenstein. The emotional anguish that this creature feels and discovery of new life forms is portrayed through the lyrics.

Additionally, I have made several references to the novel of Frankenstein itself. For example, when the lyrics say, “Hear the birds chirping loudly…sound”, this refers to the creature hearing birds chirp for the first time on page 96. Also, I mention, “navigating this life on my own… psychological distress”, referencing Victor’s abandonment of the creature and how this affected him psychologically.

Regarding the composition to the song, I decided to use a somber, piano instrumental that is at a moderate tempo. This instrumental allows for the audience to feel the somberness of the situation, and be able to connect with the lyrics that I am singing.

As a result, I hope the art of singing and having a musical track is able to touch my audience and see the monster through a new perspective. Hearing the confusion and pain in the monster’s voice through singing is very powerful, and I hope that others feel the emotional and physical pain that the monster does.


Cathryn Flores