5. I noticed that the “disability” potrayed in the film is “Adam’s” inability to speak and comprehend his surroundings. This is something that the doctors believed needed to be fixed. In doing so, they treated “Adam” like an animal; the scene in which they inject medicine into his body is very similar to when a veterinarian puts shots into a dog.

In Frankenstein (book), the creature is treated horrible and thrown out like trash, completely isolated from society. The reason why I chose this sample is because I believe that if the film focused this as a sole purpose for the movie, it would resonate more strongly with its audience members. In today’s time, “disabilities” are treated precariously by those who know little about them; about the person. If the film were to narrow their scope into this particular sample, it may be easier for those who do not understand, to understand; as well as the fact that the doctors tried to “fix Adam” when there was nothing wrong with him.

-Jody Omlin