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As I ran and ran far away from the scientist who created me who I heard was named Victor Frankenstein, I felt free and alive! When I looked down at my palms I never wanted to look this way and portray a Monster because that was my appearance. After stopping and getting some air in my lungs I continued walking and letting the coldness touch every part of my body. Which I certainly liked, but after seeing my reflection on a store window I realized I looked appalling and couldn’t stand looking at myself any longer. So, I decided I was going to seek revenge from my creator for creating me the way he did.

After I found  an alley I hid there because I didn’t want people to see me or any parts of my body for that matter since I looked all disfigured. I looked down upon my body and saw that I was almost naked since the only item I was wearing was a thin sheet of plastic that the scientist had put on me. So I went in search of clothing and to my dismay I found a dumpster with clothing and food so I tore it apart looking for clothing that would cover my hideousness.

I never realized that people lived in the narrow buildings that I came across. Until I saw a family through a window watching a television program and chatting away. I was intrigued by this family because there was this girl who showed symptoms of this disability she had. Since, I was so fascinated by this caring family I observed them for weeks and I became knowledgeable by just listening and watching them interact amongst each other. I never even knew what a disability meant until I heard the father and the older boy converse saying how they needed money to pay for some medication for the girl. I soon realized that this girl was in a way similar to myself because she never went outside or was even able to communicate with her father and brother.

When her brother was teaching her sister vocabulary and how to pronounce words I had developed my mind and learned to speak thanks to this family. I saw how they cared for one another and from observing this family for some weeks I learned empathy. And I realized that maybe Victor Frankenstein my creator never wanted any harm to come to his creation so I disregard my plan to seek revenge. At last, I went back to reconnect with my creator, but when I return Victor and his partner both look at me in disgust. At that moment the only thing I could think of was hurting him for bestowing this upon me. So I retrieve a knife that was on the table and stab Victor in the chest. What I didn’t realize was as the knife penetrated his chest the other scientist slit my throat. We both collide against each other towards the ground and death took a hold on us.



For this creative writing story, I offer a modern adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel. I wrote this piece in the creature’s perspective and in this famous scene where the creature learns to speak and gain a better understanding of the outside world. In this short story instead of the De Lacey family, the creature stumbles upon another family who has also gone through some hardships. Especially because they have a daughter who has this disability that later on the creature comes to learn about. Although the ending takes another turn I wrote this scene because it was one of the most important events that happened in the novel.  The creature both in the novel and in the short story gains an emotional maturation without having any association with either family. I always wondered what if this creature never wanted to be created and because of Victor Frankenstein’s over indulgence of science he was created. Hence, I wrote about the creatures inner thoughts and how I feel he would have felt. Also, instead of the creature being in a forest like the way he is in the novel I used an alley. I wanted this story to be modern and an alley gives him protection from the outside world as well as a close view of society. I ended the short story slightly different from the original novel because I wanted the creature to express his emotions towards Victor, who only cared about his obsession of animating the dead. Even though both the creator and creature died in this piece I was able to bring out the being in the monster.

-Guadalupe Andrade


After reading “The Workshop of Filthy Creation”: A Marxist Reading of Frankenstein by Warren Montag, I can see why some people would identify Frankenstein’s monster as a proletariat. The monster seems like the perfect personification of the industrial working class of Marxism. He was created by Frankenstein to serve him and to serve as an example of what could be created. Some argue that the monster was created by technology. he is the ultimate creation of technology. Because he was created by technology they argue he is a slave to technology just as the working class are a slave to their elite leaders. There is also the argument that Frankenstein’s monster that he evokes pity and fear just as the working class does. Everyone pities but do they do it out of fear or sympathy? One of the “stronger” arguments made is that Frankenstein’s monster is representative of multiple individuals just like the working class is representative of the working class. These are all interesting points but they are very loose and not really based off of any truth. No where in the novel is there a strong sense of Mary Shelley, consciously or unconsciously inserting the industrialization of Marxism into the monster. The arguments brought up are weak because the pity felt for the monster is caused by his loneliness unlike the working class.  The pity felt for the working class is because of their situation and poverty. The fear of the creature is caused by prejudices, because he looks funny. The fear of the working class comes out of being afraid of their actions and possible revolt. Frankenstein’s monster is a slave, a slave to his own desire of revenge and desire to be accepted. None of the connections really are connections just loose based assumptions. If we focus on things that are omitted, industrialization is omitted, there are no factories no work, just nature. Frankenstein is a misunderstood individual not a proletariat as some people try to project onto him.

  • Andres Quezada

One story, two side


Alexuz Bejarano

Before reading the novel, my first thought of Frankenstein was the monster, a creature who’d kill people because he was afraid of the rest of the world for not understanding him. Generally when you hear the name Frankenstein you think of a monster, at least that’s what I thought. After reading the novel, Mary Shelley helps me realize that Frankenstein is the creator of the monster and that the monster is referred to as The Monster. Not only that, she tells you The Monsters reason for doing what he does. There are two sides to the story, the creator’s side and The Monster’s side.

Throughout the novel you get a better understanding of The Monster, at first we get the side of the creator. Thinking it was gonna be something great, afterwards the creator didn’t think of the monster as much of an accomplishment, more as a mistake. Which leads him to deserting the monster, causing no good towards himself and those around him. His reason for killing was because the creator brought him into a world where he wasn’t accepted, the creature didn’t know any better but the creator knew what he was doing when he created the monster.

At one point in the novel you can start feeling some type of sympathy for the monster because all he wants is to be accepted, as a result he teaches himself how to read and understand the language of his “adopted” family. The monsters conscientiously seeks revenge only on his creator and not towards the people who cause his misfortune.

In reality Frankenstein is the monster, he merely created a child who he abandoned, he brought something into this world without taking the consequences into consideration leading to so many deaths.