6. The way they restrained Adam could be a call back to how patients in psychiatric “hospitals” were cared for.


In the past, Like mentioned in question 6 , I believe that mental psychiatric hospitals treated patients very differently than how they do now. I believe that this topic can be very broad because there is so much to talk about. In the film, it is very evident that, Adam or the monster was treated very terribly. Some may think that it was just part of the film, but in reality , it was how everything was back then. For example, for the most part there weren’t a lot of rules from stoping these Psychiatric workers from treating patients in ways that they did. As we know, Ethical measures didn’t start coming into play, late into Psychological and Psychiatrical development, which meant these workers really didn’t care how they treated patients. This film perfectly represents how patients time ago were mistreated, by doing what they did to the monster.

Rigoberto Garcia