The wildfires that are spread across California can mostly be attributed to the lack of funding for agencies to prevent them in the first place due to the President, Donald J. Trump. Due to his negligent efforts to try and manipulate (second-hand) the climate as a point of some ill-gotten revenge fantasy, we the people in this gracious point are suffering for it. In essence, this is a sort of perverse reverse reflection to the events that occurred in the 1820s and their efforts to find an enemy in the inanimate icecaps of the North; while the cause of the concern back then was how a natural part of nature was culprit against humanity, the situation Californians face now is due to humanity being the culprit for a natural part of nature. In the near future it seems as if there will be articles saying that it is the fault of organizations and agencies in California that we are in such dire conditions, but that is a scapegoat to the fact that there is very much political avarice behind those messages to take the heat off the one who is truly to blame for the lack of funding for the services to try and prevent it in the first place: the President.

Alejandro Joseph Serrano

(I did not mean to totally make this a political attack piece, but it is important to note that the President did retract funding for California agencies, as well as threatening to withhold funds from the UC system in the past. Ultimately, this is due to his negligence.)