By: Mark Acuña

            The story behind Frankenstein stems off a long timeline dating back all the way to the early eighteen-hundreds. A young woman named Mary Shelly was an intelligent writer and poet that was born into a sad life as the absence of her mother took a toll on her development as a writer. Although her work on her most renown novel Frankenstein introduces the story of how Victor Frankenstein creates a so called “monster” through the work of alchemy – we are presented with an image of the creature being called Frankenstein itself as well as a portrayed image that left us millennials with the perception that Frankenstein is some sort of green creature that is heavily portrayed during the season and holiday of Halloween.


            With the very depiction of how Frankenstein is portrayed as through films and plays, it is safe to say that most of society most likely does not know about the truth and meaning of what lies behind the story of Frankenstein. With the beginning pages of the novel we are greeted with a character that seeks the attention of others through “friendships”. Walton is shown to carry some parallel with the actual story of Frankenstein – where in which the novel Frankenstein reflects the very same story of how Mary Shelly loses loved ones throughout her lifetime as well as seeks the attention, care and love from a “woman” or mother in this case. We learn that the “monster” that is portrayed as a monster in the novel is actually hurt, lost, confused and in the end – all alone. The creature that was created as a reflection from Mary Shelly, she is isolated by her works in gothic literature and the curiosity of myth with reality.