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by Marco Hidalgo

In Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, the creature is an outcast from the rest of society by not being accepted by the way he looks. He is being alienated by everyone with doing so he is on his own and learns about individuals who also have the same outcast problem.

Internal colonization in order to have inequality and discrimination towards another ethnic group. Those affected by internal colonization are often looked at as outsiders or aliens, which are also treated very badly. Safie, a Turkish refugee, has the same problem as the creature which is how society sees refugees and immigrants as outsiders and make them feel not welcomed. I strongly feel like the creature gave Frankenstein the letters by Safie on her life story to help Victor Frankenstein understand the idea on how the creature is feeling alienated by the entire world just because of his appearance, because just like Safie feels  unwelcomed into the place where she hoped to find refuge in, the creature is unwanted and unloved by the entire world because of his appearance. All of these individuals are coming into the states to being a new life for them and their families but now the government/ president is making it very difficult for them to do so.isolation-cartoon-700x300

Colonized Empathy

The tale of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is not only a tragic story of a deranged man who risks all that he holds dear to create life, but also a tale of said creation learning about the very world that is against his existence. His alienating features paint him as a monster and a menace to society that keep him from living the life he deserves. After setting off on his own however, he learns of the existence of other alienated humans shunned from society as well. The creature shares the letters that contain the difficult journey of a Turkish refugee named Safie to Victor as proof of the internal colonization aliens like himself share.


Internal colonization consists of the oppression of certain ethnic groups over others within a social space.As such, those affected are often seen as unwelcome aliens that are separate from the society they wish to join. Safie’s status as a Turkish refugee paints her in the same ugly light as the creature, in which the rest of society attempts to outcast any alien or otherworldly elements as a direct result of internal colonization. After spending days feeling society’s wrath, the creature finally realizes the core of his discrimination after empathizing with Safie’s story. These two victims of internal colonization understand the pain of “the hapless fate of it inhabitants” and weep, knowing the rest of their lives are doomed to such senseless oppression (108). The creature decides to give Victor these important documents to prove the injustice that still exists in Safie’s and other’s lives. Together, the creature and Safie “will prove the truth of [his] tale,” the truth of internal colonization.

–Jose Ramirez