In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, we are introduced to the characters of Felix and Safie and the story of how they met. We learn through their story how despite their differences such—language and culture barriers, even geographic barriers—they still ended up together. We also see how when Safie came to live with Felix the creature really was able to relate to her because he saw her as someone who was like him—different and attempting to assimilate to the very foreign society that they were now living in. Which is why when the creature refers to Safie’s letters to Felix as a way to “prove the truth of my tale,” it makes sense that he’s referencing Safie’s story as his because to him, they are almost the same person. To the creature he and Safie have faced the same struggles, and they have also learned together. When Felix was teaching Safie the creature was learning too and has picked up on her feels and opinions on everything she has learned and therefore has influence his beliefs and opinions on the world. So, he feels a connection that even goes as far as to say he feels like he is Safie.

I also would like to bring attention to the ideas that we discussed in class on Monday. We talked about “new mestizas,” “mestiza consciousness,” “creolization,” and the idea of “borderlands” and how these ideas could be seen in the characters of Safie, her father, and the creature. And I can see where the ideas of “mestizaje” can be seen in the stories of the three characters because of how they’ve had to live and assimilate to societies that are completely different to the place they came from. For Safie and her father it’s Turkey, and for the creature it’s him assimilating to society for the first time. But I don’t really see where the idea of “borderlands” plays in. I think it’s because the way I’ve learned about the idea of “borderlands” is that the “borderlands” is like an actual physical place where two or more cultures intermix and create a new culture. Such as at the border of the US and Mexico. But I don’t really see where in the book the idea of “borderlands” is represented? Maybe I’m completely missing the point, or I wasn’t paying attention in class when the professor was discussing this topic, but I just can’t seem to see the connection. Unless the idea of a borderlands is being represented by an actual character such as Safie or the creature. Then I could maybe see how that could be possible. But I don’t see how Safie going to another country and settling there would be seen as a “borderland,” I personally think it would be more of a “contact zone.” Which is the idea of a place where two or more cultures and trying to coexist together and trying to work out how to live together despite their differences. I would definitely like to understand where the connection would take place and how.

-Laura Mateo Gallegos