Dear Eva,

I know that we had never met up until recently, but I thought I should give you a proper, true explanation of my story before I say my final goodbye. This may be strange, but please understand that all this chaos was not a part of my plan. You must not know much about me because I have only let you know the parts of me that I want you see. I wanted you to look only at my heart and gentle thoughts, not at my physical appearance, which I concluded would frighten you as it has others.

I am Adam. From what I understand, I was abandoned at the beginning of my existence. Lost, lonely, and afraid, I had entered the unscrupulous, evil world of which I knew nothing about. I had encountered multiple people, who immediately ran from me at the sight of my hideous countenance. Once more, I was abandoned, despised, and rejected but I longed for a sense of hope, friendship, and love.

Wandering the lonely streets one dreary night, I had somehow acquired a lost iPhone. I had quickly learned that through this device I was able to learn about history and society, and even explore social media, which is how I found you. I became filled with peace and joy to find out that I was able to talk to people and connect with them without having to show my face or physical features. I could just be myself; I could speak my mind and my true thoughts without the fear of being judged by my appearance. All my life I had only longed for a deep connection and love with someone because I had only ever been instantly outcasted and rejected for my hideous appearance.

I came across you through a social media platform, where I had first seen your profile picture. Your beauty and splendor first caught my attention. After clicking on your profile and finding out more about you, I became immediately infatuated. Your life seemed perfect, so full of happiness, of laughter and family. Your kindness and extreme intelligence had captivated me, and I hoped that one day you would come to accept and love me for who I truly am. Through social media, I learned how people in today’s society interact with each other and speak to one another. It seemed quite strange to me initially, until I realized that I too, could fit in and could learn a great deal with the help of the internet and social media. Once I had found the correct words to say, and the ways in which to say it, I had finally built up the courage and decided to message you. I could no longer stand talking to you without ever actually meeting you, so I anxiously suggested we meet.

The day finally came, where I would come to meet you and fully witness your beauty and kindness in its entirety. This moment would decide the rest of my life – to fulfill my hopes and dreams, or to crush them painstakingly. Upon approaching your house, I knocked. The door opened, and at once I encountered you. Moments later, your fearful screams resounded, and a man, who I assume is your father, ran to the door, immediately attacking me viciously, physically and verbally. My heart instantly sunk in agony and distress. You, Eva, were my only hope of love, but now all odds were crushed.

I write to you inconsolably to assure you that I will stay away from you and not ever cause you to fear any longer. I am deeply sorry for all the pain I have caused you and I conclude that I simply am not capable of being accepted or loved but will relentlessly execute a new plan – to use the wonderful, boundless power of the internet and media to create a creature perfect for me.





In this letter I have constructed, Adam, representing Frankenstein’s creature, writes to Eva, a girl that he falls in love with. Adam explains the full truth of his story to her after essentially lying to her and concealing parts of himself to her. From his recollections of his initial encounters of society, to his unsteady mixed emotions, he finally reveals his truest self to her through this letter. In this modern take of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this letter reconstructs the scene in which Frankenstein’s creature explains to Frankenstein, his creator, “the truth of my tale.” Similar to the ways in which the creature in the novel explains his innermost emotions and intentions, Adam does so too, to Eva. Adam also goes through a similar experience with his encounters with other people, as he is abandoned and rejected by society. Adam’s story is modernized through the use of technology, in specific, the iPhone and its capability to access great power of the internet and media. Instead of learning about history and society through books, he does so through the internet and social media, similar to how society learns of these things today. Many people in today’s society also use the internet/social media to connect with others, although sometimes, it does not always work out the way people intend for it to, as in Adam’s situation. This letter also focuses in on the part of the creature’s story where he finally decides to meet and speak with DeLacey, and unexpectedly, also meet Felix and Agatha, who attack and scare him away. DeLacey’s inability to see the creature is represented by the physical and visual barrier created by the internet, in this modern interpretation. Eva is a representation of love and the female creature that Frankenstein’s creature in the novel desires and longs for, but never actually gets. In the end of Adam’s letter, he explains that because his initial plan to win over Eva had failed, he has decided to create his own creature. This can be connected to the failure of the creature’s plan to win over the DeLacey’s and his consequent bitterness and sole desire to make Frankenstein’s life miserable. However, in Adam’s case, he takes on a different and perhaps smarter approach after the failure of his first plan – to use the great knowledge that he obtains through the internet, to make a creature of his own. Today, technology has revealed great and boundless power and in this modern story, Adam finally concludes that he will do Victor Frankenstein’s job – to ambitiously manipulate these powerful components for his own good.

By: Serena Ya