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“… he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived.” (Shelley 52)

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All I could remember were the sounds; people yelling at the police force ahead of us, holding up signs that ranged from ‘LOVE IS LOVE’ to ‘WE’RE HUMAN TOO.’ There were thousands of us rallying, yet the stretch of people could make you think of a much, much bigger crowd than just that.

I was one of the front pusher for the protest, holding a sign of my own as well. “Love! Trumps! Hate! Love! Trumps! Hate!” The mantra had turned from a chant into a screaming match, the police officers owning a mantra of their own to battle ours back.

“Just go home, you scum! This won’t make any difference, no matter how long you stay out here!” One particular officer snarled, before landing his impatient gaze onto me. I stared back at him as I continued to scream, to cry out for Justice from our government, as the officer took a small but menacing step towards me. “All you are is a freak. A goddamn freak of nature, you hear me?” I averted my eyes from him as he spoke, yet that only seemed to spur the man further. One more step towards me, towards us. “You’ll never fit in with society, you ugly piece  of human garba-”.

He was cut off as another protestor beside me shoved him back, a spunky-looking girl with chopped hair dyed as blue as the afternoon sky. While she did so, she continued to chant, her eyes holding a challenge towards the officer. He smiled wickedly. “Oh, you know it’s true. YOU ALL KNOW THAT IT’S TRUE! YOU DON’T BELONG HERE WITH US, YOU MONSTERS! LEAVE US BE! YOU’LL NEVER BE A PART OF SOCIETY WITH US!” The stranger pushed the officer once more, much harder, and knocked him to the ground.

Immediately after the girl shoved him once more, all Hell seemed to break loose. Suddenly all of the officers surged forward, their fiberglass shields raised and thrust into our faces, forcing us back as they helped their fallen man. Out of the corner of my eye. I could see one policeman push his shield so hard into a man’s face that it seemed to break his nose, blood gushing downwards at a nonstop. Shouts continued, but they changed from our mantra into shouts of fear as protestors were forced backwards. Someone linked their arm into mine, and in a daze of confusion I swung my attention to my side. There she was, standing like a beacon of hope for everyone around her; the girl with the blue hair, a triumphant smile planted on her dark-painted lips. She shot her eyes at me and winked, her smile growing larger. “Don’t even think about listening to them. We’re just as human as them, if not more.” She swung her attention back to the scene in front of her. “WE’RE HUMANS, TOO! WE’RE HUMANS, TOO!” In her other arm, another person was linked, then another, and another, until a wall of us were standing up against a wall of them. Even my other arm became captive to the cause, and I soon found myself shouting along with everyone else, begging for our voices to be heard by not just the force ahead of us, but the entire world; “WE’RE HUMANS, TOO! WE’RE HUMANS, TOO!”

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In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, readers see the constant rejections from society that the creature must endure, as well as name calling such as “demon”, “monster”, and countless other terms. Although this novel was written in the 19th century, those elements are still present today. For my creative writing project, I decided to use the setting of an equality protest. The reason why I did so is because of the backlash that the protestors receive, not only from the police force, but also from pedestrian viewers and others who watch on a glass screen in the safety of their own homes. Instead of sticking to an exact scene in the book, however, I took the liberty of basing my story on a quote, which can be found in Chapter 5, after Frankenstein has created the creature; “… he was ugly then; but when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of motion, it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived.” (Shelley 52) This quote not only embodies the first rejections made towards the creature in its brief moments of innocent life, but also portrays the complete and utter helplessness that the creature is forced into. The creature, barely coming into existence, tries to welcome his “father”, Victor Frankenstein, by reaching out to him while he is lying in his bed, causing Frankenstein to panic for his own safety instead of trying to incorporate his experiment into society properly. This rejection causes the spur for the rest of the novel, from the creature learning life from a distance to the multiple murders committed. If it was not evident in my story, I had made a twist on the tale by creating a “happy” ending, with people rising up together instead of apart, in order to fight for what they believe is right and just.

– Jody R. Omlin

(SIDE NOTE: I do have a different version of Frankenstein that I am quoting from, so if you cannot find the passage on page 52, don’t worry! It is found in Chapter 5, when Victor awakens to find his creation staring down at him and smiling. :))


-By Gabriela Acosta

-Dialogue spoken by thoughts-

“Mother is kind, putting a roof over my head and giving me a place to sleep. Mother is kind, bringing me into this new world for which I know nothing of. I want to thank mother but I am too shy. Would mother be alright if I went to see them at their chamber? I want to see mother, I need to see mother and give thanks for my presence. I need to see mother, I must go at once!

This place is lonely, cold and quiet. Where must mother be?

There is a door! And another! And another! But what is a door?  How do I know how some things are and what some are not? Every door leads to another space with different things. There are large things with smaller things that have black lines all over them. I wonder what they could mean, maybe it’s a questions for mother.

I found it! I found the door, the chamber that leads me to the place in which they slumber. I am so happy to be in the presence of the birth giver who gave life to me, chose me from all other souls. ”

“Fuck. Elizabeth where has thou gone? The dead possess my mind and my mother takes over my heart. No one will have a love greater than she, my mother whom I wish to love. I birth a child as she has birthed me, a child who’s birth I now bare and not know what to do with it. The horror! The monster who stalks at night will be the death of me. The creation of the devil, posed as an obedient servant. NAY! IT shall no longer live, but let it be an abortion rather than an abomination haunting my ever breathing life! How? How will it all end?! How can I end it? It’s horrible transparent skin, it’s gritty yellow teeth and horrid sunken eyes! Stay calm Victor. Do not Succumb to fear.”

“Mother! Oh how I am excited to see you I can just -breathes heavy- ! I smiled! Can you see I’m smiling? I am oh so happy to see you!”


“Oh mother, why must you run? Out the corridors you go. Why must you flee? Mother, Please Come BACK!”

“fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!”

“Mother, COME BACK TO ME!”

“I am so out this bitch.”


-Victor has exited-

-Spoken dialogue between Victor and Elizabeth-

“Why must it be me to act upon my hubris? To play God? To be the one who wanted to dominate the world of science and create undead slaves?”

“Well, you’re surely screwed.”

“Thanks Elizabeth, you’re always great moral support.”

-Monster’s thought-

“Mother… You gave me flesh from a womb and you vanished… Mother, why? Has thou no longer love thy child who you bore with pride and admiration? I am a born again, yet dead and hideous at the eye of all who I have encountered. Why did you create me to suffer? Why have you forsaken me? You fled after my birth, left me alone and stranded without anyone… You must suffer the consequences. You must suffer how I do. I will bring pain…”

  • –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Letter to the reader,

My adaptation takes on the role of explaining the thought process in which the creature could have had. The thought process is meant to be one filled with wonder and child-like innocence since the creature in this scenario takes the role of a young child. Victor, on the other hand, “mother, is lost within his own mind until awaken by his “child” by which he decides to abandon. Victor is supposed to have a serious yet comedic approach having his speech balance between olden English and random words one may think when trying to escape.

The focus of the scene I chose was when Victor had a dream about Elizabeth turning into his dead mother, only to be awoken by the creature. The dialogue between him and Elizabeth is adapted to be as it is a modern friendship with the friend, being unsupportive friend who can care less about your problems. The creature has a shift from having child-like wonder to a destructive mindset due to the pain caused by the abandonment.

Comforting Relations

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the topics of immigration and the constant desire to belong within society are prominent and are important to understanding an individual’s identity. For example, the creature insists on proving “the truth of my tale” by providing Victor with the letters from the Muslim Arab immigrant from Turkey named Safie. Victor is in great need of understanding the creature’s struggles and the internalized colonization that suppresses him from further prospering in life. The creature is diligent in his quest for belonging within society, for his journey towards societal acceptance is similar to that of Safie and Felix’s. The letters describe the father and daughter’s situation, explaining, “the Turk entered his daughter’s apartment, and told her hastily, that he had reason to believe that his residence at Leghorn had been divulged, and that he should speedily be delivered up to the French government”, (Shelley 113).

Similarly, Frankenstein’s creation is put in the same situation as the Muslim immigrants, who are told that they are going to be turned into law enforcement officials. The creature relates to these immigrants because he also experiences these emotions from being an outcast in society. The creature solely longs to belong and feel accepted by the people of the village in which he resides, but knows that this craving is not likely to be fulfilled. Additionally, Felix and the creature can be seen as inhabitants of the borderland, in which they are in a constant state of indecisiveness between which country they fully belong to. Author Gloria E. Anzaldua states that residents of borderlands have the ability to create their own identity and not conform to societal wants and desires. Using this theory, the creature and Felix are living in a state of mind that is dictated by their placement within society, in which they are in dire need of understanding their own true identity.

Written by Cathryn Flores

With Acceptance

By Jade Graham

Bullying is an issue that will never cease. Members of the LGBTQ community sadly realize this. There will always be people who do not accept someone for who they are/want to be. They push and push every button till there is death. Love is love and people change themselves because that is their choice. Their choices are seen as wrong to others and because of that, what they should be gone from this world? Those who are seen as “different” (but have feelings and should be accepted for whatever their choices are) have to accept that just like Jessica Rae Fischer did when she came to terms with relating to Frankenstein’s creation the Monster.

People can easily relate to an outsider like the creature. When someone is considered an outsider and ostracized for who they are that person feels shame. The monster as people started to call him began to believe it, cast out from society and left alone. As the bullying continued from others including Victor, the creature continued to lash out and seek revenge. That can be considered an effect of bullying, the consequences for other”s behavior and their actions. No person or creature deserves to be bullied because of their looks or how they change their appearance.

Victor also struggled. There was talk in class about how Victor desired a sex change and the want of a male partner which we all understand. Yet, he did not realize it. That idea of not believing or in denial was common for Frankenstein’s time period. People did admit to having feelings for their same gender, let alone wanting to be their opposite gender. Victor’s connections with the females in his life as seen as poorly developed. While the male relationships are stronger and more caring. Imagine if Mary Shelley halfway through her novel made Victor become transgender. What would have happened? One thing is for sure. It would be a completely different novel.

One thing that’s interesting is how (having lived near and spent a good amount of time) in Seattle there is pride among the LGBTQ community, yet the volunteer group that Filisa Vistima was involved with did not allow transsexuals to be a part of their community. The idea of “admitted transsexuals the SBWN would no longer be a women’s organization”  is an appalling one (Stryker). The whole reason these volunteer community groups are started in the first place is to create a sense of belonging. How are people supposed to feel accepted about their life choices when they are not even welcomed in the first place? It’s quite sad to say, but there need to be more safe spaces for those who need and want it. Not everyone in society is always going to be welcoming with open arms. But there can be people who are.

As more people continue to read Frankenstein, the more people are exposed to the idea of sexuality within the novel and possibly come to realize the damage bullying has on people like Jessica Rae Fischer.

To practice open-mindedness. That is the key to accepting people for who they are. Not as a society blinded by ignorance and rudeness, but as kind individuals who accept each other as they are. No matter their differences and life choices.

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