Marginalization is radically expressed in Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein”. The creature and Safie both share a major thing in common, which is feeling or being outcasted from society. The connection between the monster and Safie is hard to miss because on one end we have the monster who feels utterly alone. His physical appearance is what alienates him from the rest of society. He realizes that he will never be fully accepted within society because he does not fit in with the social norms. For a while the creature feels alone, and completely exiled from a world that he was artificially brought into. When the creature discovers Safie’s letters he realizes that he is not the only one going through this situation. Safie’s story revealed to the creature that social injustices exist everywhere amongst many people. Safie, the creature, and Safie’s father are all victims of oppression. Safie being a Turkish refugee was trying to escape the injustices in her homeland only to enter a land with similar controversies. Both Safie and the creature find themselves in the same predicament, trying to fit in but no matter they will never be fully socially accepted. “I soon perceived, that although the stranger uttered articulate sounds, and appeared to have a language of her own, she was neither understood by, nor herself understood, the cottagers.” (Shelley 106).The letters was a way for the creature to show Victor the struggles that he now faces, because of him. He is now a victim of colonization, just like Safie, however they come from two completely different backgrounds. The discrimination presented in Shelley’s novel is very apparent in todays world, it exposes the struggles of being “different”.

~Dariana Lara