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By Galilea Sanchez

As I read Frankenstein, I often stop, and it always surprises me that the creature (who’s name isn’t Frankenstein) talks! It really does. Before coming across this book I was certain that every appearance by the creature would involve only deep grunts and groans. I believed that since he was a creature of the dead he would be reborn with no knowledge and would therefore be unable to learn again. Yet I was wrong.

The picture displayed best describes my stereotypical image of Frankenstein. A silent creature, who lurks and makes noise only when he wants to make his presence known. Although I thought him unable to speak, I am certain that he would therefore be a great listener. Unable to communicate his thoughts but understanding those of others, even when he wasn’t supposed to. A shadow holding secrets that slip from others.

I was proven wrong when he shares how he managed to learn to speak properly AND read. He expressed himself so clearly to his creator that it was easy to forget that he was a creature no one could stand to see.

I had a thought a few days ago, that somehow if the creature was real and he managed to tell his story today he would have become a life coach. Today people are very accepting, in my opinion, of those who are different and with his struggles and way of speaking he might have put other coaches to shame.