By Marco Hidalgo

Throughout Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, Victor is not close to his loved ones and he suffers from their death due to the actions of his creation. When victor created the creature he applied his scientific knowledge to make a beautiful creation but turned out to be the opposite of what he expected, he then abandoned the creature and left it isolated on his own. We don’t exactly know why Victor created a male creature in the first place he created the creature to replace his dead mother so why didn’t he create a female creature? Is it probably because he had the mindset of males dominate over anything and that they could well take care of them selfs just like how Jessica Rae Fisher said in her post, I am Frankenstein’s Monster: An echo of Susan Stryker’s call to action “the boys can take care of themselves.” She stated that her father also bullied her and that reflects on how she felt alone and isolated away from anyone just like how the creature felt with how people in the village felt about him when they saw he wasn’t like them. In Frankenstien, the creature asked Victor to create a female creation for him so he won’t feel sad and lonesome, Victor knew how the creature was felling with not having anyone with him so he took his advise and began to create the female creature. Midway with creating the female creature, Victor stopped to think what would happen if he did finish this and explained “children, and a race of devils would be propagated upon the earth” (Shelly 144). Victor seemed to not be responsible to create a new race with children so he then distroyed his creation and didn’t fulfill the creature’s request. Before victor was fine with creating the creature but now he doesn’t want to create the female creature? Probably Victor didn’t think about it until the creature wanted to be happy with someone in his life and how victor suffered in his life with the loss of his mother and being isolated to just his studies. Fisher ended her post with “I can want to kill them with kindness, but their vitriol and hatred might wear down on me faster” and this is exactly how the creature was in the novel with wanting someone to love and not some to criticize him because of his appearance. victors-gender