By Carmen Ibarra

While reading Mary Wollstonecraft’s article, Justine’s reaction towards her own death, in the novel¬†Frankenstein,¬†began to make more sense to me. Wollstonecraft states that “You may have convinced them that littleness and weakness are the very essences of beauty..” pg 47 meaning that women who are inferior to men are the most desired. This made me think of when Justine was more focused on what everyone else thought about her and whether or not “God would condemn her to hell” than proving herself innocent.

However, it does make sense as to why nobody would believe her. First of all, she’s a woman, and second of all, she’s of a lower class. Justine would never be able to defend herself without being viewed as disrespectful or trying to revolt against the church. On top of that attempting to argue with a man was a huge “no”. It also makes me angry how Justine seeks for Frankenstein’s approval that she’s innocent and even to her death she still attempts to comfort everyone. Women were viewed as less of a human and so they were not taken seriously.