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Before he was stitched by hand, Piece-by-Piece, The monster was a different type of monster. A monster who was loved turned into someone that everyone was afraid of for what he had done.


Isolated from the rest, lived a child and his mother in the forest. With no human life or interaction very close to them,  An ordinary child like most, Adam was loved by everyone who ever crossed his path(Not many individuals had). Everyday, he’d wake up to his mother’s kisses, then would help her with her everyday chores, like washing clothes, picking fruit, and gathering fresh water from the wells. To his mother, Adam was everything, and to Adam, his mother was also his everything. Since his father left him and his mother, that’s all he had, that’s all he knew, that’s all he loved. They did everything together and Adam disliked when his mother went out without him or without his consent. Little Adam was becoming a little controlling and jealous.


One-day early morning while Adam was sound asleep, his mother went out to their tiny village, about a mile away, for some supplies. She As we know, did not take Adam with him. To her it was a relief being able to do something without her son. On her trip to the village, she met a guy named Victor. There she started talking to Victor and made an instant connection. They agreed that they would meet up early mornings everyday to talk. Soon they became very attached. Victor was a  very loving and caring individual. As she gradually and continuously fell for him, she had an idea. To introduce him to her son, Adam.


One morning, she went down to the village to find Victor. Once finding him, She walked him down to her home to meet Adam. When Adam met Victor, he was furious. He was jealous and envied Victor for taking and stealing his mother from him. He hated Victor quickly and nothing victor did, could change his mind.


One morning, Victor and Adam’s mother broke the news. They were having a child. Adam was furious. He didn’t know what to do. He lost it and lost himself. No one knew a 10-year-old boy could hold so so much hate, anger, and deviancy amongst them. 9 Quick months passed. A little baby girl was now living under the same roof as Adam. Adam was no longer the center of attention. Adam’s jealousy got the best of him. One night, as the whole family was sound asleep, Adam grabbed a knife from their small kitchen and stabbed Victor, his sister, and mother. He then walked to the village, and hurt all the kids he saw on the way. Everyone was afraid of him. To everyones eyes, he was a monster. A monster was created. A group of adults saw what he had done, and when Adam saw that they had seen what he had done, he tried to attack them. Those adults killed him with the knife adam had.


Adam was now a 10-year-old corpse. He was dead. Or at least, that’s what everyone thought.

A very ambitious Scientist by the name of Victor Frankestein was on a journey, to build his own person. In the making of that, Adam resurrected. Ready to ruin Victor’s afterlife again.



This short mini novel or story, “Adam”, travels through Adam’s whole life from when he was born, until his resurrection to his past life.  In this creative writing/ project, I talk about Adam’s origins and past life. Who was the creature before he was stitched up. What did he come from? In this writing, we see why Adam struggled as the monster, in Frankenstein. His behavior in his past life, determined why he was who he turned out to be. His behaviors in his past life, carried him into the after life. Since he caused so much damage previously as Adam, Victor Frankenstein’s creation was going to suffer, and essentially do what he did in his past life. Ruin his creators life. Once again. Adam is now suffering  his consequences from his past life. For doing what he did, now as the monster, no one likes him anymore at all. They are afraid of his scary yellowish skin. Even when he tries to do good, it turns into bad. He doesn’t want to be alive anymore. He wants to die. However, unlike his past life, he is immortal. He is now suffering his consequences in the worst way possible. He will never die and will always have his memories stuck in his head. He is now going insane. He kills Elizabeth,becasuse that resembles him of victor, his father in the past life. See , Victor in his afterlife is his mother, and Elizabeth in his afterlife, is Victor’s stepfather in the past life. Everything is a cycle that repeated to torment his life.


Rigo Garcia


The miserable creation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein purports to kill himself, yet his words invoke a curious sense of triumph and hope in an afterlife. This seeming paradox is far from it, for the fire he plans to die in is at once destroying and purifying, emphasizing the creature’s spiritual humanity.

This goes without saying, but burning alive is horrifying. The creature recognizes so much, saying he will “exult in the agony of the torturing flames” (Shelley 189). I’ll get to the strange exulting part, but, hey, let’s first recognize the very real, very scary agony and torture he’s facing. Worse, the creature declares that his present miseries will be “extinct” (189), invoking dramatic finality since, by nature of his unique creation, his demise will literally be an extinction.

That’s pretty dang sad. So why exult? Part of it has to do with fire’s purifying properties. The Bible describes how, as a blacksmith refines impure minerals in a fire to produce dazzling gold, God can purify a man from unrighteousness. The creature subscribes to this, believing that the death of his physical body is not truly an end since, as his “ashes will be swept into the sea” (189), his “spirit will sleep in peace” (189). This image works on multiple levels, invoking the idea of “from dust to dust” as well as that of the majestic phoenix (his spirit) rising from the ashes. Finally, as the creature is “soon borne away by the waves” (189), I cannot help but think of how he may soon be reborn as his spirit moves on. The circle is complete, for as a “spark of being” (60) initially brings him to a hideous earthly existence, a grand “conflagration” (189) sends him out into a new purer one. The creation may’ve been dead parts come to life, but he sure appears to have a soul. And he goes out with a bang.