Oh, when you love it.

The creature stood amongst friends, or who those he could even call his friends. They were like him in nature; grotesque beings cast out by society; the living mummy and Greggor Russoff, the werewolf. They had helped heroes numerous times since the initial creation of their group, the Howling Commandos, and had been promised to be praised as the heroes were, and for the most part, they were. Like the heroes, the group found themselves with their own sort of fans, despite their lack of public appearances. They found they too were admired, and even cherished by many, though it was hardly enough for the creature who lingered on with one being in mind who had completely abandoned him. 

It was during one of their missions that Hulk first noticed it, the way the creature lingered at the end and how his face changed as the heroes fell back into their places, worrying about their own personal lives and such. He recognized quite easily that he appeared to be upset, though he could hardly understand why. They had won, after all, thanks to him and the creature whose strength combined helped in ending their fight. Though he knew one thing was certain, that the team could only hold on for missions, as they were hardly called for anything but that. The three moved off to the side, ready to be taken back to their base as Hulk watched on, seemingly ready to follow after them, though had been called before he could do such thing. He shrunk back down to Bruce, hoping the tiny Bruce would do know. 

It would be months until Bruce would see the creature again, during another such mission. Unlike their previous one, the creature and Bruce had been sent on their own. If the creature wondered why Bruce had not let Hulk takeover he did not ask, rather he remained quiet, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Bruce could only wonder what was going on in his mind, having had lived for so long and be cast out by many during this time, though he tried not to think too much into it, wanting to get to their destination on time. They continued on, in this awkward silence, before ultimately reaching their destination in the more isolated regions of the mountainsides.

The creature scowled as the quinjet opened, staring over at Bruce expectantly. Bruce only stared back before moving out, sighing some as he noticed the building peeking out from behind the trees. “Where are the others?” The creature suddenly asked. “Waiting inside that building over there.” He replied simply, not bothering to ask what Fury might’ve told him about their mission. The two headed off without so much as another word. As they reached the building, personnel from outside led them in, leading them through what felt like mazes of corridors before ultimately leaving them in an empty lab. Or what appeared to be an empty lab.

A messy head of hair suddenly popped up from behind a counter, and slowly the rest of them began to rise. The creature stepped back almost immediately upon seeing them, glowering at them before turning to Bruce, half expecting to see his green friend with him, but he was not. Instead, Bruce remained, holding his hands up towards him, “Easy there — look, the other guy was worried — this is Mateo, I know he’s not Victor but he’s a descendant of him and I told him about you — he wanted to meet you.” He spoke, turning to look over at Mateo for help though the other male could only stare in awe at the creature.

“That bastard created you?” He suddenly exclaimed, laughing some before moving towards him, ignoring the face Bruce made. The creature tensed as Mateo moved towards him. It had been years since he had seen his creator, though the male in front of him shared a resemblance to him that was almost unsettling, though Mateo appeared, well, different. “I was told stories about you growing up but I thought they were fake – we thought Victor was cursed but here you are.” He continued, grinning some. The creature decided then that Mateo was much better than his creator. For one, he didn’t run away upon seeing him, he had hardly even flinched when he first saw him though he figured that might’ve been because of Bruce. With that in mind, he turned to speak to Bruce only to see him edging away from them. “I’m going to make a call, you guys go on ahead.”

The pair spoke for hours, the creature retelling the story of his birth to Victor’s death and his life after. Mateo listened closely, hanging onto his every word and the creature found himself feeling something he hadn’t before. Mateo retold his own story, speaking about the legacy that Victor had left behind, and how many of his family would eventually turn on him following his death. Bruce would eventually have to leave on his own, as the pair continued on with their tales through the night, with Mateo speaking of bringing him along to meet other family members that would be happy to meet him.

Review: For this piece, I decided to incorporate aspects of my term paper into this creative piece as a way to further emphasize the similarities between the two, or rather to emphasize how Frankenstein has since influenced the Marvel franchise as well as other series today. In the Marvel Universe, Frankenstein’s creation has made appearances in the comics and animated series alike, though has stuck well with the appearance given to him by James Whale in his classic adaptation of the novel. In the series, he met a time-displaced Hulk before meeting other well-known characters within the Marvel franchise and out, though I chose to keep this between Hulk, or Bruce Banner, and the creature due to their own similarities. Like the creature, Bruce understands how he might feel in being cast out by society, as people often kept their distance from him due to the other guy, or Hulk, and then there’s the more obvious similarity of their appearances thanks to James Whale. Due to their similar stances, I figured Bruce would want to give it a shot and help him in obtaining that validation that the creature had craved since his birth because it’s things like that, being rejected by family, that never truly leaves. And it’s through that do we get this short on Bruce reaching out and searching for a descendant of Victor because time travel will not help in this case. The amount of time it would take for Victor to be able to actually look at his creature as anything other than this grotesque abomination would be far too much, as we see he tried to kill him despite their differences in strength. The idea of this descendant loving the creature and being excited to meet him is partly inspired by people’s own reactions towards these sort of beings, to which I believe Victor’s descendant would be, much to his disapproval.

Additional Note: This is my interpretation of them so Bruce Banner won’t be exactly how he is depicted in the animated series, MCU, or comics alike but rather how I remember and interpret him as and the same for the creature. 

– Lou Flores