What did I do to people for them to look at me this way?

It’s 2018 and people still victimize me to this day

They look at me with disgust and as different

Even my own mother looks at me like this


You see, I am woman but was once a man

I always knew I was Catwoman and not Batman

But even I was frightened by the thought of this

And once I said it out loud, it terrified everyone else


The first person I told was my mother

She was not happy, she got angry and yelled slur

I was kicked out of my home and shunned

When we crossed paths, not a word would be said


I get stared at, pointed at and laughed at

What is it? Is there something on me? Is it a rat?

Parents see me, grab their children and walk faster

I wish they would not judge me, I am actually friendly


My mother also gets taunted for having a daughter like me

Or should I say “son”? Since that is what I’m supposed to be

She can’t handle all the humiliation and decides to hang

I killed my mother because of who I truly am


I have lost a lot of family and friends

Hopefully someday we can all make amends

But for now, I am all on my own

And once they all find out, they all go running


I have finally completed the process of transition

For many, though, I look like a failed mutation

Monster, tranny, he-she, and he

Are things I get called almost every day


I am human––NO I am a woman

But I am not sure anymore if I can handle this oppression

People are just not accustomed to people like me

However, even the small words hurt


Life would just be better if I would just disappear

Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here

I am an outcast, I am weird because of who I truly am

And now I am ashamed of that, I am ashamed of myself


“Ew you nasty tranny, go use the men’s restroom”

Someone in the women’s restroom says, I began to fume

No words come out so I run out, tears running down my cheeks

Why are people so mean and so rude? Words hurt


“I can’t do this anymore,” I say to myself over and over

I run to my car and speed home in my Range Rover

Knocking down everything that is in my way, I run to my room

And I open the drawer to my nightstand, there it is


Who knew that I would cause so many problems?

I didn’t think it would get to this point, wish this didn’t have to be the outcome

There it was staring back at me, it is the only way out

I know this will make all my troubles go away


I grab the cold heavy metal object up to my skull

To everyone who has been cruel, this is for you, hope you are cheerful

All of this pain and suffering because of who I truly am

Hopefully this time my mother welcomes me with open arms. 

To the Publisher:

In this modern twist to Frankenstein, I decided to write a poem about a transgender woman and the obstacles she faces as a person who has transitioned. Frankenstein’s creature is connected to transgender people. To add, many technological advances have been invented in order for individuals to transition from one sex to another which connects to the creature as it was created using different body parts through science. In the same fashion the creature goes nameless throughout the novel, so does the woman, only being called by crude and insulting names. Like the creature in the novel, transgenders are not something society is accustomed to. Victor Frankenstein’s creature was identified as a monster due to its “hideous” physical appearance, similarly, transgenders are viewed as “different” and get called many degrading names. In today’s society many people assume other’s gender especially based on physical appearance. In the poem, although she was once a male and now identified as a woman, she still had some male characteristics. Thus, the women in the restroom assumed she was a man rather than a woman and told her to go use the men’s restroom. This links to Frankenstein’s monster as it was never established whether it was male or female. The only thing indicating that it was male are the pronouns used throughout the novel just like the woman was called by the wrong pronouns as well. In the poem, the woman was treated with disrespect and cruelty, likewise, Frankenstein’s creature was treated in this manner. Frankenstein abandons and neglects his creation just like the mother in the poem shunned and kicked out her daughter. Although the mother and Frankenstein die in different ways, the woman and the monster follow soon after. All the mistreatment and suffering led the woman to take her own life. Identically, in the last page of the novel the creature jumps off the ship and dies. As the creature states “soon these burning miseries will be extinct.” With that being said, both the woman and the creature wanted all the hardships and pain to go away and unfortunately, took action and took the only way out. 

By: Maya Carranza