Dear Mother and Father,

I find my myself laying down wondering where I am until I remember that I am in prison for illegal experimentation, that I had scars for. I napped during the day and went out when I was out of sight the of guards. One morning after a night of hard, I found myself laid in the deep woods, lost and confused, it appeared to me that I had escaped from prison. With no sight of guards, if I proceed to head home to California. I ventured to continue my journey home after the sun had risen; the day, which was one first of the fall, I was somewhere in Vermont. Chilled weather hit my exhausted eyes. I felt anxiousness and frustration build up as I couldn’t find my way on the trail. Yet, I felt emotionless, for long I appeared dead. I still dared to be happy. I raised my humid eyes with a relieved site, feeling blessed as the sun bestowed such joy upon the earth.

As I began to walk through the forest I found myself in a small town where I soon found myself running away as the people began to fear me for my handcuffs and orange jumpsuit. Assimilating myself back into society was going to be no easy task as ahead of me was the backlash. My muscles repeatedly began to expand and contract as the temperature got colder. I then proceeded to find shelter. I began to avoid people as I feared they would report me to the police. I began to see homeless people and advanced to join them in hopes of changing clothes or possibly finding something to take these shackles off. I soon was given clothes and during my time with them, I had many realizations. They were often forgotten in society as time passed, I watched as they stole food in order to survive. They had no social connection with the world as they were viewed as criminals and lazy.

As I wandered through the streets with my new companions, I did what I once thought I would not do before. I began begging for money. At times, money would flood in on a good day and others, I felt like unnoticed by society so no one gave me anything. That feeling lasted throughout the whole time while on the run. I was unrecognizable as I had my beard grown out and developed a new look. But as a homeless, people did not really care. I tried searching for you guys, mom, and dad. However, it became difficult because it was too far on foot. Hitchhiking was not really an option since no one wanted to give a dirty, homeless guy a ride.

One time as I was talking to one of my closest friends, Oscar, Andrew stopped by to drop off fresh razors that he had bought. He had mentioned that there was a nearby station offering homeless free showers. I had to take advantage of this opportunity so I went. As I walked out from the shower, freshly shaved and everything, a cop noticed me. I quickly turned around but I felt him start to approach me. I looked back once more, and he was jogging. In no time, I started running my ass off. I quickly ran through alleyways and jumped fences, but I got intercepted on a street. The cops quickly cuffed me and took me back to the same place I was at before.
Time Passed…

I stepped out of the prison and headed home to you with the hopes of regaining your love. I took the bus back to California and upon arrival decided to look for work to prove to them that I was getting my life back together. I began to apply to many jobs and waited weeks, but no luck. I wondered why no one wanted to hire me, I was strong, a fast learner and educated. I soon realized that it did not matter as I was an ex-convict. I did not return to you as you would not accept me.

sincerely your son,


Titled “The Lost Letter” which in the form a letter to the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We follow a universe where the creature an unnamed individual who faces the same alienation that the creature did. Given the title, it is written by Robert Walton. The story takes place in an alternate universe where the creature is an individual who is incarcerated and provided a perspective of another form of alienation that occurs to an individual trying to join society after facing incarceration. The individual also goes through a similar journey as the creature and in search of acceptance from society, more importantly, his own family. The letter is addressed to his parents who are Victor and Elizabeth.

The story is given realities that are seen in the present day and given a modern setting mostly for there to be a language and educational barrier. I modified the creature to an individual and asserted him in an environment with homeless people, where they were able to see first hand how they were forgotten by society. Both representing people in society today. I wanted the reader to have a perspective of how society categorizes monsters today. This individual and the was isolated from society and the struggle to rejoin society. The unnamed individual remains isolated throughout the novel in hopes of returning to his parents. Like in the novel the creature begins with the hope of returning to his creature whom he hopes would listen to him, but throughout his journey lose hope in humanity as he is faced with many barriers which he does not comprehend, on one occasion he tries to rescue a little girl from drowning but his shot. A similar occurrence occurs here when the individual is “reborn” through bathing but his look runs out and then he finds himself back in prison.

-Levit Martinez