My dear Elizabeth, I was too late

diminished by the “vicious” hands of my own creation;

doing for me what no one would have ever thought.


Death be not what thou think I wanted

foolish ones, who thought they knew me

secrets kept-

only too come out once you all have “slept”.


Wishing for you to want me with the same desire

thinking it may be so,

after all, you may never know-


Shrieks I hear from down the hall

bouncing from wall to wall,

Should I run?

Or should I lie?

For I know that it has to be you that must die.


Across the bed, she is laid

only wishing that you would’ve stayed.

What I wouldn’t have given for just a glance,

at my wondrous creature.


Why did you leave, my true love?

Why not stay?

I know you must feel the same

or else why did you play my game?


Killing her for me,

because it was never meant to be;

at least not for her and I.


Will you be in my dreams tonight?

Or finally in my arms,

where I can hold you through the night?


Wishing, waiting, wanting-

for none other than you.

What else are secret lovers supposed to do?


I think of you every night,

with a little bit of spite-

I must admit,

it saddened me that you were the one who got to end it all.

And yet you won’t be the one to give me your all.

My distorted memory is all I have,

was it really me that wanted her gone?

The question I am left to ponder

Yes, but why was it you who got the honor?


My wife she was,

Nothing to you, maybe even nothing to me;

I still don’t understand what made you flee.


Bound to both, in separate ways

what am I to do now but count my days?

Until I see you again, I say this now


I loved you

and I love you

she gave me time

but I gave you life

forever battling to be my wife.

Dear Reader,

For this creative project, I decided to rewrite the scene of Elizabeth’s death into a poem. In my poem, I go into a different way to look at this scene, by making it seem like Victor wanted his wife to die. I made it seem like he had the creature kill her, in order for them to be together. I believed that this was one of the more crucial scenes throughout the novel, and by reworking it as a poem would help to convey even more of an emotional aspect. I want you, my readers to imagine Victor himself reading this poem aloud, to hear the tone of his voice and how it goes from sadness in the first stanza to mysterious in the second stanza to longing in the third and so on and so forth. Victor addresses Elizabeth directly only once throughout the poem, the rest of the time he is speaking more to the creature and questioning himself. The final stanza of the poem helps reflect that Victor was able to love Elizabeth, but was also in love with his creation, the way a mother has a bond with her child. This portrays the idea of Victor being jealous that he couldn’t give birth. The title of the poem is “My Two Loves” of course referring to Elizabeth and the creature reflects on Victor’s undecidedness. It was clear Victor never planned on spending his life with Elizabeth, which makes sense as to why he would want her dead, he was a little forced into the marriage. In class, we discussed with the dream scene how it demonstrated that Victor didn’t want Elizabeth because she wasn’t his mother but in fact, he wanted the creature. I wanted to keep the creature taking off after killing Elizabeth in this poem because I believe it helps demonstrate how Victor longed for what he couldn’t have.

-Alina Cantero