“I need help making an advertisement to promote our school”, Rufus tells his brightest and most coincidentally diverse group of friends. His friends agree and they start working on modernizing their outdated school ad. Rufus takes the lead by appointing himself director of the project knowing he only has a budget of two thousand dollars. His friends’ content with helping him out and practice the script together.

Rufus: “Alright! Let’s rehearse this. We open on a typical day at UC Merced only the students all look happy as they ride their scooters and you can’t smell that smell that is the lake. Franklin…”

Franklin: “Why did I choose UC Merced?”

Josie: “With college tuition rising, you better believe all the FAFSA they give me counts.”

Jackie: “To meet different people.”

Rufus: “Okay Jackie, then you and Franklin hug, if you’re comfortable with that.”

Jackie and Franklin: *simultaneously* “Oh..yeah. We’re fine with that.”

On the first day of shooting Rufus compliments everyone on their efforts. He gets flustered with excitement as his ideas are come to fruition. As he starts to shoot the final scene to wrap everything up, he receives a call from Michelle Obama.

Rufus answering phone: “Rufus Bobcat”

Michelle: “How are you doing? It’s Michelle Obama, I hear you’re making an advertisement and I’d love to be in it.”

Rufus: “Wow! A big celebrity wants to be in my commercial, come on down.”

Michelle: “Of course. I can’t make it until a few more days. Hope that’s okay.”

Rufus: “Of course!”

Rufus can’t believe he got a celebrity to be in his commercial and rushes to tell the cast the great news.  But before he does, he thanks his lucky stars that a miracle has landed him Michelle Obama.

Rufus to Rufus: “This commercial is going to be great! I thought it was going to be alright but it’s going to be great now! We have Michelle Obama… and that’s it…”

Rufus addressing the cast: “Everybody gather around! Everything we have shot so far is garbage! I’ve thrown it out and will be rewriting everyone’s part tomorrow morning!”

Jackie: “Why?!?!”

Rufus: “Because, Michelle Obama is going to be in it! Forealsies. So everybody go home.”

As Rufus prepares to re-shoot for Michelle’s arrival, it takes over the entire school, classes are shutdown, and the quilting club are sewing costumes.

Jasmine, the script supervisor: “Does everyone have their new scripts?”

Neil: “Uhm it says I’m supposed to be a book reading a book… That doesn’t make any sense.”

Before Jasmine can respond, Rufus enters wearing a hoodie and sunglasses and hands her an apple.

Jasmine: “What’s this?”

Rufus: “Scene six.”

Rufus to himself: “Last night I had an epiphany. This commercial is going to push buttons. I;m ready to step it up by talking about the hottest button, raceeeeee.”

We enter on the fourth day of shooting; the ad is $9652 over budget.

Rufus: “Luis!! You’re not taking advantage of the motion capture technology. You have to move.”

Luis *perplexed and anxious*: “I forgot what I am again!”

Rufus: “Oh for crying out loud! YOU’RE A MICROSCOPE!”

Luis waves his arms and legs next to Josie as she holds a giant human sized baby bottle. Jasmine starts wondering about what Rufus has gotten them all into.

“Jasmine *speaking into walkie talkie* “Rufus I have two men hear in diapers, I know one of them is playing the dawn of a new era in education, but I have nothing on the other one.”

Rufus finally gets all the takes he needs and starts the editing process. He spends days editing the commercial when finally, Michelle shows up. Rufus greets her and proceeds to show her the commercial. After seeing it, Michelle realizes this is not what she had in mind and tells Rufus she can no longer take part in it. After the twelfth and final day with being $17,348 over budget, it finally dawns on Rufus that what he has created is a mess. It finally hits him that he has brought to life a monstrosity of an ad that must not be shown to the public.

To the reader:

What I have tried to do, is make a parody of the missing scene where Victor Frankenstein actually creates the creature. The scene where he is actually piecing together different parts of human limbs to create his one monstrous blob of human remains. I have chosen to parody this missing scene because it gives me the liberty to create the scene how I want. I also chose to have Rufus create a commercial because Rufus is Victor and the creature is the mess of a commercial Rufus makes. By making the creature a commercial, it modernizes the story because you can bring life to a commercial the same way directors bring life to a movie, play, the same way an artist creates life in the form of a song or painting. Some inventions/ creations are meant to be enjoyed by the public, but there are some that are better not shared with anyone, but destroyed. By making the creature a commercial in my mind, it makes the story more modern because you can switch the commercial out for creating an essay, a book, a movie, a song, and anything else that requires a creator. There are times when I create something whether writing or a drawing that feels like I created a mess that shouldn’t be seen by others. In my parody, Rufus starts his descent into madness as he creates his commercial because as director, he becomes drunk with power. He believes that he can create something perfect something better than before. This is why when he learns that Michelle will be joining his commercial, he thinks everything before was garbage. Every time I write, I feel that I am creating a monster of some sort.