December 4, 2018

Hey dad…

Are you still mad at me for leaving? I promise I can explain if you just let me – please answer this letter – it’s been years, please. I’m not sure you’d be happy to hear this but Felix and I are having a baby and I really want you around for this. Either way I’m going to keep writing you…when you’re ready to see me again it’ll be like we were never apart. 

We found out 4 weeks ago that we were selected so now we have less than two months to go (we chose expedited shipping) and tomorrow we get to meet with a top designer to choose the baby’s features. We can’t wait, we are so excited! It’s the cutest thing, Felix has it all planned out – the baby will be a boy and we will call him Franklin. His hair will be dark as night, his chin will appear chiseled from the side of a mountain, and his eyes…his eyes will be the truest blue known to man…they’ll look like a flowing river – he’s going to be perfect. For years I have written in my blog (Franklin and Stein) about how much I would give to design my child along side top designer Kasima Bay and now my dream is coming true! She has designed the babes of the elite for years and now it’s our turn, I hear she is a total gem – can’t wait! 

Truly, I’m thrilled at becoming a mother but I’m also terrified. What if I make the wrong choices? What if we have him and he hates his custom features? (There are so many to choose from: blue eyes or green eyes, long hair or short hair, short or tall, athletic or not, etc, etc, the choices never end!) I guess the ultimate question is: how can I be sure that I don’t actually raise a murderer? (Although, I mean, can you ever really be sure?) 

Aside from that I worry that Franklin will be bullied in school for being “created” and not “born” but this is may dream – I want to design my baby not have him. Is it cruel to only think of myself? Goodness, I haven’t even had him yet and I’m already seriously doubting my ability to raise him…. Felix tells me not to worry about it, he says, “If he’s not everything we imagine we can return him and try again,” although I’m not entirely certain that’s how parenthood works. I don’t know dad – am I doing the right thing? 

…We’ve painted his nursery so that’s exciting! We opted for a neutral green hue – it’s a little more yellow than we intended but we love it just the same. Earlier this month while we were away at  “Creator’s Convention 2018” the crib came in but when we put it together it had different sized legs (sellers mistake) so we had a lopsided crib for a while but rather than send it back Felix pieced it together with some parts from his old crib and some of our old furniture…he practically built a whole new crib for him – Felix’s first creation for his creation, haha! He’s going to be a great dad to Franklin. 

I’ve never forgotten that you were great too.  

Love you, write me back. Stop being angry it gives you wrinkles. I will write some more even if I don’t hear back. If you don’t hear from me in the next six months I probably accidentally raised a murderer but lets hope not. 

Talk soon, hugs. 




After years of writing to her dad with no response Safie has now written the most exciting letter of them all: her and Felix are designing a baby! He’s going to be perfect and hopefully not a murderer. This letter aims at giving him as much detail as she can without overwhelming him and herself.

When we initially read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley I quickly became intrigued by Safie’s role in the novel. I knew right away that I would want my creative project to center around her and the development of her relationship with Felix and their soon-to-be family. 

I chose to make a play on the “design” aspect of the creation of Victor Frankenstein because the creature was after all a designed being, though as we know now, far from perfect. I purposefully made some of the features that have been chosen for designer baby, Franklin, based around some of the landscapes/ settings in the novel (like mountains, river, night) to give a small nod to the importance those played. The process of pieces making a whole was added in the explanation of the crib situation – parts just didn’t belong but Felix made his own thing of it much like Victor did with the creature. More subtly, I paid small homage to the myth of Frankenstein by having the nursery painted green – a color often associated with the creature. 

I always felt that there was more to Safie but we didn’t see it. I can’t imagine leaving her father, country, and past behind was easy but she made do with what she had. I assume in this letter that while Safie is working on piecing a baby together she is also busy piecing herself together. Who knows maybe a perfect baby is all it takes to forget a shitty past? 


Maricruz Rivas