Decades after god’s death,

There in the garden of Eden.

Adam sought the start of his breath.

For after the knowledge that brought creation was gathered,

Adam in his spirit could not feel zufrieden.

There in his lab the limbs of his victims scattered.

Tesla coils ready with pulsating energy like thunder,

And as Adam shared his bones with Eve

Here In Ingolstadt did the monster give birth to another.


A new creature wakes again

And from the remains of others

Her complex, beauty did not attain.

For her skin is painted in pale colors.

And her hair tangled like a rusty chain.

Her eyes did not look like the sky,

But instead glimmer like the shadow

Her face was deteriorated enough to terrify.

With her nose she had a beak like a crow.

Nails like bricks.

She was not the flower we would pick,

However artificial birth had started again.

And after the birth of a monster, creation and creator,

Ran to the setting sun

With deteriorated faces from said fabricator

Did Adam and Eve start a new.



This poem was written from a third person point of view assuming the creature did not die at the end of the novel. In this poem the creature, after Victor’s death and after for a couple of decades, the creature decides to go back to Ingolstadt to visit Victors old attic where his birth took place. There the creature learns the process by which he was created and knowledge alone would not suffice him. The creature with his knowledge decides to create and give birth to his companion, by killing other people and harvesting their limbs he creates his ideal partner. After her awakening the creature and his new companion run far away from the city and settle in an uninhabited location nowhere to be found forever. As you can see in the poem the story is told in a third person point of view and although the poem describes her as an ugly being, for the creature she is beautiful. We may not never know if the creature identified as male or female but for allusion and comparison purposes, we identify them as Adam and Eve because of the theme of creation and creator.