workplace-discrimination-definitionI am in my parked car looking outside at individuals walking with their families. In the car, it is just me and my little brother Jesus and we are both just waiting for the news about our new baby brother to be here.

Last year my brother told me that he is very lonely in the house now since I have moved away for college and our parents are always busy with something they have to do around the house or because of work. When I found out that my family is going to get bigger I was tremendously happy because I know that my little brother will love his baby brother and they could both get along with each other very well. After we found out about my baby brother we started to gather all the necessary things for a newborn child and my brother helped us pick out a few things in the process as well.

Now the time has come to where my baby brother will be brought into our world and we could care for him very much. Before he was born the doctors told us that my baby brother wasn’t going to have a normal life and we didn’t understand what he meant by that until he explained that my brother was going to be mentally disabled with Autism.

When I found this out I was starstruck because I never expected this to happen and I didn’t know how my brother would react to the news. I didn’t want to be the one to tell him that his baby brother wasn’t going to be mentally stable. I wanted to just know that my brother was going it love him even though he had a mental condition.

After talking it him about it he seemed fine and didn’t care about his condition and that he was still going to do his best to play and love his baby brother a lot.

After my brother told us this I was relieved about that fact that he would still treat him as his brother and not treat him as anything else. With that being said our baby brother came into our lives 3 hours later and we showed him love and care since the day we laid eyes on him.

The first time I got to carry him I looked at him and started to imagine his future in the world we all live in today where people can misjudge a person just by the way they look or by the way they act. I figured yes people will talk about him and people will call him names but he is going to learn one day to ignore all of those people and just focus on himself. I also imagined him having his children and us being there for him all the way and his path is going to be full with obstacles sometimes big and sometimes small but all paths lead to one same destination and that was in my head the whole time he was in my  arms.


To the publisher,

In the crafting of this piece, I chose the way how Adam is alone and is being misjudged throughout the novel because of the way he looks. Adam showed throughout the novel how he is different from what people describe him to be. He helps out the cottage family by getting them wood and gathering it on the side of their house and from afar he sees the reaction of the family of joy. Adam wanted to love and be loved throughout his life, he didn’t want to be alone and miserable he wanted to share his experiences with someone else. Victor as being the creator of Adam he doesn’t care for him when he first awoke and after Victor goes out and looks for him in the forest and finds him in the cave and talks to him he figures out something they had in common. Adam and Victor both were alone and they both just wanted someone to love and since Victor lost his mother and was left with the loneliness in his heart he created the same feelings in Adam without having anyone with him to care for him. After there talk Victor talks to Adam more and invites him to the wedding and with this evidence, Adam and Victor actually liked each other and they grew close together because Victor got to know the real Adam and not just the monster that everyone believed him to be.


Marco Hidalgo