The brutality in existing

My head is pounding,

My arms are shaking.

My chest is drenched in sweat


I run as fast as I can with no destination in mind

I want to scream but the words won’t come out.

I feel my vocal cords flexing so hard they are almost ripping apart.


I can feel the stares of people down the street

Like a sword penetrating my soul

I’m just as confused as they are when we make eye contact

Where am I?

How did I get here?


My head is overflowing with questions

I have no memory of my past life

How did I come to be?

Do I have a family?


I look for a place of solitary  

I found the comfort I seeked in the isolation of an alleyway

I chose to make this my temporary home given that it seemed untouched by human desires

It seemed fitting I live between the abandoned spaces separating neighboring lifestyles of what I aspired to one day be part of

As I lay, sleep overtakes my being and I enter a new state of dream


Eventually, I wake up to the sun shining bright in my face

My stomach begins to growl

I succumb to this primitive desire

As I walk around searching for something to eat

I see groups of people laughing and smiling

I feel so alone


I look from afar into their windows

I see families sitting around the dinner table

They seem so happy

Why don’t I have a home?


The hum of technology seems to haunt my existence

The sound of the cars and the busy streets overwhelm me

After a few days of dumpster diving and observing the family in the blue window

I gain the courage to knock on their door and join them for dinner

A young lady with black hair opens the door

I look up and take off my hood and she screams

She is horrified, its as if she has seen a ghost

Her father then joins her and threatens to call the police

he tells the rest of their children to stay inside

I feel so embarrassed I have nowhere to go but to my alleyway

I don’t understand why no one wants to be my friend

If I was destined to live so miserably, then why was I created in the first place?


For my creative writing piece, I wrote a poem about the creature’s feelings when he was first exposed to the real world. I reconstructed the scene in which he interacts with the De Lacy family for the first time. The creature experiences rejection and hate from the beginning of the novel. I tried to channel these emotions throughout the poem. Although the creature has felt nothing but alienation, he learns from his surroundings that these feeling are not a way of life for humans. Through the stanzas, I hoped to convey the drastic change of emotions the creature was feeling. The creature gave a unique outside perspective to this poem as he looked into our society. In the novel, we see the creatures thought process develop as the story progresses and I chose to reflect this in the poem through the length of the stanzas expanding as the creature becomes more and more self-aware. We see the creatures world collide with ours as he experiences technology for the first time. Given that it is new to him, he sees it more as a nuisance than a life dependency. An important part of the novel is the creatures desire to have a family, I kept this in the poem because it is a big part in what he is driven by. Instead of the forest, in my poem, I decided to make an alleyway a crucial part in the creature’s development. I chose this because I felt as if alleyways were the perfect place for the creature to get an insight as to what our society is like but still be distant enough to not be noticed. Living between the houses of people he wants to be like seemed fitting for the creature since alleyways are often seen as abandoned places in which one should steer clear of. Alleyways are infamous for being dangerous and are often forgotten about. Overall I feel as if my poem gives a modern take as to what the creature would go through if he lived in our time period.