Rilee Hoch

Victor’s Creature spoke, “Let me tell you the story of a young foreign girl and a poor family, whom I came across during my journey through the USA. Then, perhaps you will understand how I came to feel emotion and see why I hope you will simply leave me to suffer this life alone in the wilderness.”

So Victor replied, “I will entertain you, please go ahead and tell your tale.”

The Creature began saying, “I had stumbled upon a poor neighborhood in America and taken to watching one poor family from a small shack near their home. One cold morning Felix looked more desolate than ever. He grasped his phone with white knuckles as he paced around the cottage. He allowed a few tears to escape, but quickly wiped them away. He eventually became so upset he threw his phone outside onto the concrete. I leapt out of my hiding place and grabbed the phone off the ground. As I inspected the device I discovered that the screen was cracked but the words were still legible. I had slowly learned how to use technology from observing Felix and his sister Agatha, so I was able to determine what information the phone contained. Felix was deeply in love with a woman named Safie who lived in a foreign nation called Turkey. He had gone there to work, and when he saw Safie walking along with her father on the street he quickly fell in love. Sadly he had to return to the States and Safie’s father would not approve of their marriage. Safie then spent over a year trying to get a visa so she could legally immigrate to the United States and be with Felix, but just as all her paperwork was to be finalized the president decided to tighten the immigration policies. She started to gather up funds to pay someone bring her over illegally. Her father found out about her secret plans to run away to the States and he immediately gave her away to be married. With assistance from a foreign help group, Safie escaped from the arranged marriage and entered the country. However, soon after she settled down with her lover an organization named ICE began separating friends and family all over the country, and Safie was quickly taken away from Felix. He had been actively communicating with her over the phone through social media and texts, which I discovered on his phone. When Safie stopped responding and posting, Felix asked a close friend to inquire about her whereabouts. Felix had been reading a text from his friend, who had managed to locate Safie. She had been arrested at a protest, and then sentenced to spend time in prison. After getting into a fight with the guards, Safie had been wrongfully beaten to death. Their story of failed love has opened my eyes to a life of isolation from humanity, and the immigration policies Safie had fought so strongly against showed me the true cruelty of this world”. The creature then produced Felix’s phone and handed it to Victor with a melancholy expression.

To the Publisher:

I decided to reimagine Felix and Safie’s love story in a manner opposite to the original text. In the original text of Frankenstein Safie and Felix overcome all the difficulties that cross their path. You can call me a pessimist, but that seems improbable, so to make it more realistic I applied a commentary on modern gender roles and our current immigration policy. This is a version of the same story, but one in which the ending is tragic and instead of learning of love and happiness the Creature is exposed to the cruel reality of our modern world. In contrast to the ease of her border crossing shown in the original text, crossing the United States border would be more difficult for Safie. I wanted to showcase how immigrants in the United States, whether legal or illegal, face immense discrimination from not only the people but from our justice system as well. I chose to create the accompanying Instagram posts written by Safie because in the original text the Creature produces letters as proof of Safie and Felix’s story. However, letters are old fashioned and most members of our modern society communicate via text or forms of social media. Another contrast is the character of Safie, in my version she is a strong-willed feminist and social activist, rather than a meek girl seeking her validation from Felix. The only theme I desired to remain the same between my version of Frankenstein and the original text was the deep and passionate love Felix and Safie feel for each other. The Creatures attitude towards his future still changes after seeing the happy couple. Yet, instead of developing a desire for a female companion he is scared by the events and wants live in isolation away from the horrors of humanity. Overall their love will have opposing outcomes, and thus affect the Creature and Victor in different ways, but for better or worse love remains at the center of the story.