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The Birth of a Monster

EXT. Victor Frankenstein’s Residence – NIGHT,


The year is 2018, raining, the scene opens with Victor Frankenstein, holding a glass of beer sitting on a chair that reclines with a screeching sound. He appears to be inebriated, but conscious. As the rain continues to pour, it worsens. Lightning strikes begin to emerge, beginning to distortion Victor’s sight. He appears to not be bothered by the noise and brightening light to fills the room. Victor senses he’s not alone as if someone is set to appear tonight. One lighting stroke brights up the room, to invisible proportions. The area clears, Victor, takes one more sip before looking onto his creations eyes. The monster is standing tall, looking down on Victor, with anger, seeming ready to attack. But he continues to stay still, calming down for seconds before opening dialogue.



You know why I’m here?



To be a pest once more and hinder my peace?


The monster pushes Victor’s drink from his hand to later deliver a slap to his cheek to come up to his senses.



Justine you fool, she’s dead.



She killed my son, what else did she expect to receive from me? Praise? Fright? Please, let me be in peace to sorrow.



You know for sure it was her?!



I know for sure because she told me. That’s good enough for me to get her arrested and taken to justice.



She didn’t do it…



*in anger* Bullshit.


Victor gets up his sit to serve himself some whiskey. Walking past the broken glass, unfazed by it. He gets a cut on his left foot, still unfazed by the damage is done, Victor returns to his seat and continues dialogue.



*sigh* I’m never wrong. Don’t ever doubt me when you know I’m right. *sips the glass of whiskey*



Do you think I’m here to fuck around and mourn the death of your son?



I made you, didn’t I? *sip again, the glass of whiskey*



*in anger* You destroyed me.


Frankenstein looks at the pictures that hanged around the home, most torn to shreds, The Monster, and now Justice is off the frames.



You had Justine prosecuted because that’s what you felt at the time, but I know you. You loved her. And don’t give me fucking excuses that you didn’t because she was more family than I ever was.


Victor, in silence. Takes the last sip of his drink and set the glass down. He continues dialogue.



Well, she was part of the family after all. Of course, I had to express my gratitude with unconditional love to Justine. It was only far. And how did she repay me? *voice rises* By killing my son!? Disgraceful. Just. Like. You.



Disgraceful?! Me?! You abandoned me when I needed you the most.



I never abandoned you. You just weren’t what I would’ve hoped for, so I let you be free.



You abandoned me, dad.



*slaps THE MONSTER, in exclaims in anger* How many fucking times do I have to tell you?! I am not your father. You’re just a mistake. Pieces of scraps. An imperfect creation. A monster.


The Monster pushes Victor in anger, setting Victor flying afar his chair and knocking it over. Victor, in pain, intends to stand back up. But the injured foot hinders him to do so. The rain continues to pour, and the lighting intensifies the scene.



Is that all I am to you?! A… *in tears* MONSTER!!?!


Victor, seems to be suffering from blood loss and becomes unable to stand up and is prevented from movement, he sits still, next to the knocked down chair.



I still am your son.



*in pain* I have no son, he’s dead now.



Dad… why do you hate me?!



I told you to not call me that. *grunts in pain* You don’t belong here. Get out of here, monster.



*tearful* I have a name.



No vile creature deserves a name.


The Monster grabs Victor by the neck. Not to strangle, but to pick him up and push him back to the knocked down chair. Dialogue continues.


You know my name. Say it.



Get out of my house.



*voice rises* SAY IT!!!


The Monster, again, picks up Victor by the neck and this time holds him against the wall, suffocating Victor.



*voice rises louder* SAY MY NAME!!! YOUR SON’S NAME!!!



*grunts in pain, losing breath* Will…iam.


The Monster strangles harder, and Victor begins to lose color, his eye becomes watery. Victor is dying.



*soft, but with anger* Say it.



*grunts of pain, losing breath* No faggot, is a son of mine.


The Monster strangles harder.



*louder, with anger* Say it!



*gasping for air, unable to speak a word*



*all loud as he can speak* SAY IIIIIIIIT!!!!



*a stroke of air enables him to speak one word* Sebastian! *eye rolls up his skull*


The Monster, now Sebastian, throws Victor across the room. Victor, still alive, tries to regain air but is unable to move. Victor is unable to speak. Sebastian looks down at Victor and speaks.



Why does my way to express love anger you, father? It’s my life after all. I can never be like William, nor I ever will be. Don’t force me to be the perfect creation you always dreamed off.


Sebastian leans closer to Victor.



*whispers to Victor* That angers me.


Victor regains the ability to speak but in a soft manner. Almost without a voice, he speaks.



*softly* You… are… not… my son.



*chuckles* Never was I, huh dad? Don’t you worry, now that you have no sons, you can only worry about yourself. Oh, and Elizabeth too, not that she’ll matter anyway. She’s next.


Victor shocked, gains the strength to sit up and look upon Sebastian once more before he departs, he continues dialogue.



*weakly* What do you mean?!



Oh nothing, just know that I’ll be around in the special moments in your life. Even when you don’t want me to. *walks away* After all, I am a monster to you. Might as well act like one. *chuckles*



*in anger* Did you kill my son?!?



Never in a million years, dad. I loved him. *stops, pauses and turns slowly to Victor*But… maybe the monster did. *laughter* Love you, dad.



*in shock* WAIT!!!


The door closes, Sebastian is gone. Victor left alone and in pain. Rain still pour and the lightening subsides.


End scene.



Mary Shelley’s novel is where the truth comes to be and where we begin to progress in our ideology of the monster. Sympathizing for such a creation that is not to be feared off. Because its intentions are to never hurt but rather to be accepted. Neglected by society and by his own creator, his murderous rage is simply engulfed by pure revenge towards the ones he felt for. And as the monster is left abandoned, we know that it’s not a threat. It, or as now we should mention, he never was.

The novel compels the truth behind the monster, his emotions, his awareness, and eagerness to feel love is what we, the readers now have learned through Mary Shelley’s novel. Although we are a numerous few, there’s still the vast majority that has yet to know the truth about the monster. Frankly, the monster was never the monster, to begin with. His image being portrayed through ridiculed merchandise for simple consumer satisfaction should be fixated to fully understand the novel’s true intentions. 

The whole Frankenstein novel is primarily contributed to the notion that if someone or something is made in the images one’s true perfection they’re are outcasted as an enigma of imperfection, but when in reality they never were in the first place. We use neo-pronouns for the individuals we apparently can’t understand what they are or decide to be, when ultimately we shouldn’t be asking that in the first place and should accept the indifference of society with open arms.

I decided to take into this more modern approach, that instead of having Justine executed, she is rather sent to trial for the misdeeds done from the monster. Including a scene where instead the monster is held in the shadows prepared to attack once again, the monster confronts Victor for the injustice done to Justine. Victor calls the monster a ‘faggot’ due to the fact that in this scenario, the monster was made a creation within Mary Shelley’s novel, he is one of Victor’s sons, whom of which was neglected for the fact that he was gay. William is still killed, the monster is still the cause of it, just with more of a modern scenario that can fit for both a start and a clearer understanding as to why the monster intends to haunt Victor for life. Victor ruined him. The monster, now Sebastian returns the favor.

– Stephen Muñoz

Birth of a monster

Decades after god’s death,

There in the garden of Eden.

Adam sought the start of his breath.

For after the knowledge that brought creation was gathered,

Adam in his spirit could not feel zufrieden.

There in his lab the limbs of his victims scattered.

Tesla coils ready with pulsating energy like thunder,

And as Adam shared his bones with Eve

Here In Ingolstadt did the monster give birth to another.


A new creature wakes again

And from the remains of others

Her complex, beauty did not attain.

For her skin is painted in pale colors.

And her hair tangled like a rusty chain.

Her eyes did not look like the sky,

But instead glimmer like the shadow

Her face was deteriorated enough to terrify.

With her nose she had a beak like a crow.

Nails like bricks.

She was not the flower we would pick,

However artificial birth had started again.

And after the birth of a monster, creation and creator,

Ran to the setting sun

With deteriorated faces from said fabricator

Did Adam and Eve start a new.



This poem was written from a third person point of view assuming the creature did not die at the end of the novel. In this poem the creature, after Victor’s death and after for a couple of decades, the creature decides to go back to Ingolstadt to visit Victors old attic where his birth took place. There the creature learns the process by which he was created and knowledge alone would not suffice him. The creature with his knowledge decides to create and give birth to his companion, by killing other people and harvesting their limbs he creates his ideal partner. After her awakening the creature and his new companion run far away from the city and settle in an uninhabited location nowhere to be found forever. As you can see in the poem the story is told in a third person point of view and although the poem describes her as an ugly being, for the creature she is beautiful. We may not never know if the creature identified as male or female but for allusion and comparison purposes, we identify them as Adam and Eve because of the theme of creation and creator.



Lyrics Written and Sung By Cathryn Flores

Musical Instrumental from Billie Eilish’s “Come Out and Play”


Musical Intro

Verse 1:


I sit here

And feel the wind blow

Upon this mountain

My mind is free to soar

But I stay here

Without a shoulder, to lean on.


I’ve got to find out

Everything for myself

Verse 2:


I hear the birds

Chirping loudly

Can’t distinguish it but

I think the word is


I’m in a crisis

Tell me what to do!



And I know,

This world is crazy

I’m not wanted

But I must stay here

If Victor doesn’t want me,

That’s fine

I’ll figure this for myself.

Navigating this life as a fool

But I’m only a fool

to you

Musical Break


Verse 3:


I feel snow

Running down my back

Feel like I want to attack

This rage inside

I can’t help but hide

This hollowness inside

can’t even be burned by


The more time passes by

I just want to hide

Chorus 2:


Why must I

be burdened by

My abilities inside?

Tell me why! Tell me why.

Nobody appreciates me

I have to move on,

Before I hurt them all.

I’m not fit for society

My psychological distress

Master isn’t impressed,

Of my progress

Guess I’m a fool,

To everyone else too.



Dear Musical Engineer,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my work and accepting this art form to tell the story of Frankenstein. The reason I chose to tell the story of Victor Frankenstein’s monster through song and lyrics is because through singing, the audience is able to feel and hear the hurt and compassion the monster feels while being in isolation. This song takes place during a scene in the beginning of the novel, ranging from pages 95-96 in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Here, the monster is alone in an ice cave and away from society. The inspiration behind creating this song was to write it from the monster’s perspective while in the cave before interacting with Victor Frankenstein. The emotional anguish that this creature feels and discovery of new life forms is portrayed through the lyrics.

Additionally, I have made several references to the novel of Frankenstein itself. For example, when the lyrics say, “Hear the birds chirping loudly…sound”, this refers to the creature hearing birds chirp for the first time on page 96. Also, I mention, “navigating this life on my own… psychological distress”, referencing Victor’s abandonment of the creature and how this affected him psychologically.

Regarding the composition to the song, I decided to use a somber, piano instrumental that is at a moderate tempo. This instrumental allows for the audience to feel the somberness of the situation, and be able to connect with the lyrics that I am singing.

As a result, I hope the art of singing and having a musical track is able to touch my audience and see the monster through a new perspective. Hearing the confusion and pain in the monster’s voice through singing is very powerful, and I hope that others feel the emotional and physical pain that the monster does.


Cathryn Flores


Please read the three student creative projects linked below and answer the following question:

Which version of the Frankenstein myth has the most potential to attract audiences two hundred years from now?

  1. group project:
  2. Isaac:
  3. Wendy:

Victor Frankenstein is a very intelligent human being who is derived by his obsession to create life through science. He and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, live together in a nice home not so far out of town. They live a very happy life as a marriage and both attend prestigious colleges near the area. In the same way, both of them are financially stable and come from very wealthy families. However, months into their marriage, Victor finds out one of Elizabeth’s darkest secrets. That is, Elizabeth cannot have children of her own due to serious health purposes.They exhaustingly start to use all their resources to remediate this issue, but was of no help. No amount of money was able to solve their problem. Be that as it may, having children has always been one of Victor’s biggest dreams. For years, he wished of having a perfect family of his own given that he was denied that opportunity by his selfish parents. He grew up without a mother and a dad who was never really around. So, he thought of solutions non stop until one day, his interest in science and his obsession to have kids with elizabeth came in to relation.

As a result, Victor Frankenstein begins working on a science experiment to create life in a lab. He becomes dedicated to the idea of birthing a child of whom he and his wife can raise together as a happy family. For this reason he lasts months working on this experiment behind his wife’s back. In like manner, after 1 year of hard work and dedication Victor Frankenstein brought to life his experiment. At first, Victor noticed how disfigure and different  the creature looked given that he was build from different beings body parts. He was afraid his wife would reject the creature as their children due to his abnormal physical looks. But, Victor took a different approach when the first thing the creature did was grab his finger and call him “Dad”. From that point on, Victor grew a connection with his creation and learned to love him in every possible way. Similarly, Elizabeth took the same approach upon meeting the creature and took huge interest in teaching him all he needed to know to survive. Victor Frankenstein could not be any happier.

Correspondingly, Victor and Elizabeth raised the creation by educating and loving it as their own. In the same way, Society viewed the creature as a different abled being, but accepted and respected it like any other person. The creation was referred to as Frankenstein and lived a normal life.  He wandered around the world experiencing life and living day to day. He caused no harm to anyone instead he was always showing affection to those around him. He was immensely grateful to his creator and Elizabeth for always surrounding him with love and affection because that was all he knew. He had the purest heart anyone could ever come across. His heart did not know the word hate. Love was the only thing he received, experienced, knew, and felt in one.



I titled this short piece, Love. It is a Frankenstein myth based of Mary Shelley’s novel that only introduces love, passion, and acceptance all throughout. In the real novel, Mary Shelley tends to relate the creation to continuous negativity such as death, hate, and violence from the moment it is brought to life all the way to the end of the novel. One major twist to my story and Mary Shelley’s novel is the relationship between the creation and his creator. In my story, not only is the creature accepted by his creator but is also introduced to elizabeth and society. He is born into a loving, accepting and welcoming home unlike Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein from 1832 where all he knows of is rejection. I make a different approach because I want my audience to acknowledge how different the creature reacts upon receiving hate versus receiving love. When one gives love, they receive love back but when one gives hate then hate will be the only thing given back. Victor Frankenstein is blind for not seeing what his creature needs.

In like manner, I decided to incorporate Elizabeth in the story, and change her story up into a more positive one too. In the novel Frankenstein, women don’t play a big role in society and are portrayed as weak, and innocent. Meanwhile, In Love, I introduce her as a student and loving wife. Most of Victor’s actions are influenced by his love to Elizabeth and the idea of having a family with her. Victor, too, is more affectionate and caring in terms of his relationship with Elizabeth, and his creation.

In essence, my biggest objective in this creative writing was turning a sad story full of hatred into a loving and learning one. All throughout Mary Shelley’s novel, the creature experienced rejection from everyone and as a result killed many innocent people. I figured that allowing the creature to receive love instead of hate would cause a different reaction in the creature. And Indeed, in my story there was a happy ending.


I was lost inside of my synthetic mind,

forging a new world from within,

loathed by my creator, ousted by his kind,

I became an intruder in recycled skin.

My decrepit body, awaiting termination,

a restful life of unlimited peace.

I had once longed for this cessation,

the taking of my soul, in an act of release.


Then, with the proper tools, I was able to understand

this trepid wasteland of horror and torment.

Reading had felt like pouring water onto dry land,

and I was given a final chance to re-present.

That chance was found within the story of Paradise

Lost, which galvanized upon my deepest affections.

I was finally able to see the human’s only vice,

all was laid bare in the small collection.


The way one sees the “other” ness within me,

how, no matter what I do, say, think or feel

I will always be the Eve wherein she

digs her own grave and lives life in a kneel.





I chose to write a dramatic poem that matched with the portion of the book where we see Victor’s creature become more sentient as they read on and on. In this particular scene, the creature starts reading the Bible and Paradise Lost and was actually start to read the text as if it were a historical work of art. The reason I chose to write this classic medium, the poem-style caught my eye, because of the slightly contemporary ideas in which we see Victor belittle and disregard as the book goes on.


We not only see the creature start to project onto this story of the Bible, but we also see the way in which the creature thinks, because not long after, they were discussing the envy and pure hatred that went along with realizing mankind created subjective beauty and there is no way to change this normalized system in just one short assignment. I did, however, purposefully choose to have the creature criticize society, and take the bible itself as a historical context so that not only the creature could associate with organized religion, but also with the subjective qualities of the female role within said teachings.


I enjoyed writing this post and played around with the idea which the creature would choose from, with Victor in or out of their life, this usually meant that life had to be lived no matter what, which was not the case. The creature decided to stay and suffer, I believe, because they truly connected with the character of Eve, and how one could reclaim themselves after being forgotten or pushed aside from their creator. Hatred, however, spawned from this newfound knowledge, and the creature becomes envious of “the bliss of [their] protectors” (115).

By: Leena Maria Beddawi

“Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit Of that forbidden Tree, whose mortal tast Brought Death into the World, and all our woe, With loss of Eden, till one greater Man Restore us…” the great John Milton once wrote those words in a holy doctrine. Since the beginning of time, humans have required for the greatest of all men to come and save them. To restore among them a belief in power, a dash of hope, and to remind them that knowledge exists beyond the borders set forth by “nature” and other beings. I, Victor Frankenstein, was the one greater man that was meant to restore us all.

One winter evening, when the Genevan air was crisp and skies were gloomy, an idea brought forward by my alchemy studies presented itself in my thoughts. I conjured the idea to create a kind of man resistant to change, resistant to human power, and invincible to the woes caused by man. Like God, I set forth to create something that would never disobey or bring further death into the world. I deliberately isolated myself from family, friends, and the outside world to assure that the creation I was to conjure arose through the most precise and wholesome of my thinking. I spent countless days and nights planning my creation’s physique and gathering only the most beautiful bits and pieces for its body and form. Before I knew it, days turned into nights and nights were followed by day time at a quick rate which lead me to lack in sleep. But I figured to myself, as the great Milton once wrote, “What hath night to do with sleep?” Weeks passed me by and before I knew it I had gathered all the items necessary to create the perfect man. In a stuffed room in Geneva, I was going to cross the limits God had established and quickly become the hope for humanity.

One night when Geneva experienced a heavy set of rain and thunder, it became evident that that was the perfect night to finish my work. As the pieces I gathered lay perfectly on my table with bolts and latches holding it together, while being attached to electric wires, I could not help but acknowledge a discomfort in my body. However, I blamed it on the excitement I was feeling and ignored the discomfort. And curse that minute I chose to ignore it! When the thunder was at its strongest hour, in a sudden motion I pulled the lever and watched in awe of my own genius work as the bolts of electricity ran up and through the pieces lying on the table. But when the bolts halted and I stared in amazement, a sudden jolt made by the body lying on the table made me exhale profoundly and in a quick rush of emotions I yelled, “It’s alive!” and I walked hesitantly toward the table. But what I saw was not what I expected. Instead of creating a beautiful and perfect man, one that would walk amongst us and help our race become invincible – I had created a horrid creature. That night, before the creature I had conjured had the opportunity to rise from the table, I fled the room and set forth into Geneva ready to forget the hideous being I had just brought to life.

After three weeks of fleeing, I was able to find a small cottage about 15 minutes from Geneva and I now reside here where I am writing the details of my tale. I admit, I live in utter terror and refuse to return to Geneva because of fear in what I have created. I see shadows and figures that appear like the creature I created and I know it is only a matter of time before I am confronted and ruined. Either by the creature itself or by my deteriorating mind. Like God, I question my own power. In solitude I now live and confide for Milton once wrote, solitude sometimes is best society. Until fate crosses my path with the rugged creature, or until my own sickening and declining body and mind give up, I plan to stay as far away from my home. Like God, I too failed in creating the perfect man.



For my creative writing project I decided to incorporate quotes by John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, in order to describe Victor Frankenstein’s way of thinking within my piece. Shelley introduced Paradise Lost within her novel as one of the pieces of literature that helped the creature establish his own knowledge and proper function. The creature eventually considered the book as a piece of biblical and historical truth and held it in an extremely high regard with no distinction between tale and reality. What I wanted to incorporate in my piece, with my knowledge of that, was give the idea that Frankenstein too held Paradise Lost in the same high regard the creature did and therefore, created a binding force between the two. Making them equal in what they used to be educated but also, to show that they had mirroring personalities in the way that Frankenstein also considered Milton’s work as a form of biblical and historical piece and lacked distinction between fantasy and reality much like the creature.

I decided to try this idea within my project because one of the biggest factors in Shelley’s novel that interested me the entire course was the use of intertextuality and the way it is evident that intertextuality played a tremendous role in characterization and development for her characters. By incorporating minor quotes from Paradise Lost and having Victor refer to the book as a “holy doctrine” I thought I could establish the idea of how found he was of the book and how seriously he incorporated its writing into his life/work. By opening my project with the opening line of Paradise Lost Book I, I thought it would create an allusion in my audience’s minds and therefore, they would know that Milton’s piece was going to be an important recurring theme in the piece.

I also decided to recreate the creation scene because not only was it my favorite part of the novel, but I thought it gave me the most leeway to interact with themes seen in Paradise Lost and themes seen in Frankenstein – like the thirst of power, the crossing of boundaries, and the quest to reign which are issues we still see in our modern day among world leaders and even scientists like Victor. I wanted to incorporate the same psychological torture Victor felt throughout the novel within my piece, but I only gave a glimpse of it toward the end because I did not want to take away from his narcissistic nature and I wanted to make sure the audience saw his original self-centered nature all the way through my piece because I think that was one of Frankenstein’s most notorious and important characteristics because it lets any audience see how he got to be where he ended up. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed giving that portion of the novel a twist and incorporating my own thoughts and ideas regarding themes I’ve grown to enjoy talking about within this course because it allowed me to see the difficulties that can arise when trying to convey a message but also doing it in an eloquent literary manner. 

-Beverly Miranda-Galindo


Dear Mother and Father,

I find my myself laying down wondering where I am until I remember that I am in prison for illegal experimentation, that I had scars for. I napped during the day and went out when I was out of sight the of guards. One morning after a night of hard, I found myself laid in the deep woods, lost and confused, it appeared to me that I had escaped from prison. With no sight of guards, if I proceed to head home to California. I ventured to continue my journey home after the sun had risen; the day, which was one first of the fall, I was somewhere in Vermont. Chilled weather hit my exhausted eyes. I felt anxiousness and frustration build up as I couldn’t find my way on the trail. Yet, I felt emotionless, for long I appeared dead. I still dared to be happy. I raised my humid eyes with a relieved site, feeling blessed as the sun bestowed such joy upon the earth.

As I began to walk through the forest I found myself in a small town where I soon found myself running away as the people began to fear me for my handcuffs and orange jumpsuit. Assimilating myself back into society was going to be no easy task as ahead of me was the backlash. My muscles repeatedly began to expand and contract as the temperature got colder. I then proceeded to find shelter. I began to avoid people as I feared they would report me to the police. I began to see homeless people and advanced to join them in hopes of changing clothes or possibly finding something to take these shackles off. I soon was given clothes and during my time with them, I had many realizations. They were often forgotten in society as time passed, I watched as they stole food in order to survive. They had no social connection with the world as they were viewed as criminals and lazy.

As I wandered through the streets with my new companions, I did what I once thought I would not do before. I began begging for money. At times, money would flood in on a good day and others, I felt like unnoticed by society so no one gave me anything. That feeling lasted throughout the whole time while on the run. I was unrecognizable as I had my beard grown out and developed a new look. But as a homeless, people did not really care. I tried searching for you guys, mom, and dad. However, it became difficult because it was too far on foot. Hitchhiking was not really an option since no one wanted to give a dirty, homeless guy a ride.

One time as I was talking to one of my closest friends, Oscar, Andrew stopped by to drop off fresh razors that he had bought. He had mentioned that there was a nearby station offering homeless free showers. I had to take advantage of this opportunity so I went. As I walked out from the shower, freshly shaved and everything, a cop noticed me. I quickly turned around but I felt him start to approach me. I looked back once more, and he was jogging. In no time, I started running my ass off. I quickly ran through alleyways and jumped fences, but I got intercepted on a street. The cops quickly cuffed me and took me back to the same place I was at before.
Time Passed…

I stepped out of the prison and headed home to you with the hopes of regaining your love. I took the bus back to California and upon arrival decided to look for work to prove to them that I was getting my life back together. I began to apply to many jobs and waited weeks, but no luck. I wondered why no one wanted to hire me, I was strong, a fast learner and educated. I soon realized that it did not matter as I was an ex-convict. I did not return to you as you would not accept me.

sincerely your son,


Titled “The Lost Letter” which in the form a letter to the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We follow a universe where the creature an unnamed individual who faces the same alienation that the creature did. Given the title, it is written by Robert Walton. The story takes place in an alternate universe where the creature is an individual who is incarcerated and provided a perspective of another form of alienation that occurs to an individual trying to join society after facing incarceration. The individual also goes through a similar journey as the creature and in search of acceptance from society, more importantly, his own family. The letter is addressed to his parents who are Victor and Elizabeth.

The story is given realities that are seen in the present day and given a modern setting mostly for there to be a language and educational barrier. I modified the creature to an individual and asserted him in an environment with homeless people, where they were able to see first hand how they were forgotten by society. Both representing people in society today. I wanted the reader to have a perspective of how society categorizes monsters today. This individual and the was isolated from society and the struggle to rejoin society. The unnamed individual remains isolated throughout the novel in hopes of returning to his parents. Like in the novel the creature begins with the hope of returning to his creature whom he hopes would listen to him, but throughout his journey lose hope in humanity as he is faced with many barriers which he does not comprehend, on one occasion he tries to rescue a little girl from drowning but his shot. A similar occurrence occurs here when the individual is “reborn” through bathing but his look runs out and then he finds himself back in prison.

-Levit Martinez

By: Sandra Tzoc

Comic 1Comic 2Comic 3Comic 4.jpgComic 5.jpg

I decided to do a comic based upon the scene where Caroline adopts Elizabeth. In Shelley’s novel Caroline finds Elizabeth while she is on a trip in Italy, however, I changed the setting and decided to make it take place in Nigeria. The purpose for this was to bring attention to the lack of domestic adoption. There are a lot of couples that go out of the country and adopt children and although that benefits those kids, the ones left in the United States are often overseen. In the comic I included African American children because they are the least likely to get adopted. This is an issue that these children of color have to face whereas ‘golden children’ like Elizabeth are more likely to find a home and at a faster rate. The attitude that Caroline portrayed in Italy is representative of adoptive parents especially when both Alphonse and Caroline believe Elizabeth was sent from heaven simply because she had fairer skin than the rest of the children. There was a study conducted by the University of Vermont in which they found, “that even though they [the parents] wanted to diversify their family by adopting a child of color, adopting a black child seemed too different.” It was interesting to read these people’s answers when they were asked why they didn’t adopt a black child. Some said that they did not feel equipped to teach the children how to face racism. Other couples stated that African American children were “too different, both culturally and physically”. However, these same Caucasian couples went ahead and adopted Asian and Central American children. This led me to the conclusion that prejudice, and racism is not only pinned against grown-ups but that children in foster care have to deal with it as well. Everyone deserves to have a loving home no matter how different they are, no matter what color they are.

Bianca Lopez Munoz

–October 7, 2000–

Becoming a new parent is anxiety filling but exciting for many. For Victoria, it was no different.

–I’ve always wanted to be a mother. My anticipation and fascination with motherhood started when I was a child. I would pretend to change doll’s diapers and feed them with a bottle. I’d even take them for a stroll on a miniature stroller. My own mother has an album of childhood drawings, many of them include me holding a child in a bundle. I also collected random items from my own room like toys and blankets for my own future child–which I still have. In retrospect, my preparation at such a young age for becoming a mother seems a bit excessive but I believe it’s a testament to how badly I want this and how driven I am to raising a child. Though this pregnancy has been quite uncomfortable and filled with restless nights, I’m happy and extremely grateful for it since it’s common for the women in my family to have problems conceiving. I often daydream about what my life will be life postpartum. At the beginning, the diapers, the feedings, the sleepless nights. But later, being there for their first words, hopefully mom–Their first step, their first haircut, their first day at school, their first winter and snowball fight, their first academic and sports awards, their first time at disneyland, their wedding, my future grandchildren. I can’t wait! I’ve often been told that I will be an amazing mother, and though I am a bit nervous, I believe them. This is what I was made to do. This is such a blessing for me, and my family.  My dad hopes my child inherits his athleticism since he was once a star athlete in his younger years. I hope they have my mother’s warm brown eyes, maybe they’ll even get her green thumb.. I’m due in about a month and a half, everything is going according to the birth plan and we are ready to receive this beautiful blessing into the world and our lives.

–March 18, 2019–

Adam can’t help but notice that  something is wrong.

–I love my mom very much. She is very beutiful, I really like her blueberry colored eyes and her smile makes me happy so I try to be good all the time but she only smiles sometimes. Everyday she feeds me, usually corn flakes, soup, and other stuff, but my favorite is chicken nuggets and ketchup to dip them in. My mom usually sits with me and helps me eat and I have tried to dip my chicken nuggets in ketchup on my own in the past but I made a mess each time and she got mad so I don’t do it anymore. Everyday she asks me what shirt I want to wear for school and everyday I say the green one with the red stripe. She almost never lets me wear that shirt and I always fight her over it because I know what I want to wear, why doesn’t she let me? But I always just let it go because I don’t want to make her mad. I also don’t like it when she changes my diaper or makes me get in the bath, I’d rather be on my wheelchair where I can push my buttons with my fingers and move around the house. I haven’t been on the second floor of my house since I was little and I’ve been telling my mom for years that we should get an elevator like the one at my school but she says that it’s too expensive. That’s okay though because the first floor has everything I need, but I would like to explore the upstairs. A couple months ago I needed my mom to change my diaper ASAP so I went to find her in the kitchen where she was sitting at the table with a bunch of white papers. I tried to get her attention by calling out but she ignored me. I tried tapping the diaper image on my computer a couple times, but it wasn’t working, and so I started moving the papers around and that’s when she got mad. Today she didn’t take me to school. She says we are going to my favorite park, the one with a lot of dogs. We drove for a really really long time and we didn’t go to the park I liked but that’s okay because she let me wear the green shirt with the red stripe today. I had never been to this park but there were a lot of kids playing around and one lady had a dog. When we got here she said she needed to get something from the car and she came back with my backpack. I don’t see how I need my backpack since I am not at school. As she set down my backpack on my lap she just stared at me. She usually never looks at me in the eyes so I think I did something wrong. Maybe she is still angry about me moving the papers. She then told me she was going to find the restroom at the park and she left me near the slides. It’s getting kind of dark and she isn’t back yet. I hope she found the bathroom.

Review: This short story is told from the perspectives of an expecting mother, and that child’s perspective nineteen years after his birth. The mother, Victoria, is obviously really excited about becoming a mom and has all these plans and expectations about what her child will do and what her child will look like. The first part is meant to make Victoria seem hopeful but naive. The second part is meant to not only show the perspective of Adam, Victoria’s child, but also serves to almost destroy all of the expectations that Victoria has about motherhood and her child in the first part of the story. Adam is a differently abled nineteen year old man who is non-verbal, gets around on an electric wheelchair, and depends on Victoria for most things. I definitely wanted Adam to have a personality and I hope a did a good job to not reducing him to his ableness which is what often happens to the differently abled in real life. This whole story is meant to resemble two small sections of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Firstly, the part where Victor is in the process of creating the creature and has all these expectations of greatness and beauty for his creation. The second part is meant to emulate the perspective of the creature after Victor abandoned it but I put more of a focus on the part leading up to the abandonment since Adam had already formed an attachment to his mother, something the creature in Frankenstein was unable to do with Victor. Like Victor, Victoria has all these expectations for Adam, and when they weren’t met, it caused a lot of frustration, confusion, disillusionment, and anger towards herself and Adam. The creature in Frankenstein is aware of the world around him and the way others interact with him and this is the part I wanted to focus on with Adam though, the only interaction with others is with his mother. Victoria eventually abandons Adam at the park because of the white papers, which were bills including a bunch of Adam’s medical bills. The abandonment of children and adults with disabilities is very common in society and disability studies is a contemporary issue. I chose this form of creative writing because I thought is was best to not only show the two perspectives but to also tell a thought provoking realistic story.