By: Yocelin De Lira

4. . Somehow, by wanting to produce a more perfect human being, Victor and Elizabeth are admitting to disabilities of their own. A creature impervious to pain and is virtually indestructible by medical and other violent means would be a triumph to the Frankensteins- if Adam were more conventionally attractive and had a neuro-typical consciousness.

Elizabeth and Victor wanted to create the perfect human, however, Adam was the result of there work.  Adam is mentally impaired as a child with unhuman strengths. Elizabeth believes that Adam is still human, although he mentally impaired and doesn’t believe he should not be killed. On the other hand, Victor believes Adam is the product of his failure and should be killed. Victor is arguing killing Adam is the humane way because no one would be able to pass his physical appearance. Because of Adam physical appearance, Elizabeth and Victor cannot view him as human. Elizabeth is the perfect example of a bystander who sees injustice and does not do anything. Society has gotten much better in understanding people with disabilities, but still has a way to go. Raising awareness about disabilities would further educate society about disabilities, accessibility and inclusion