Arlyne Gonzalez

In response to #5, the student mentioned how Adam was treated and approached as to how a dog will be attended in a vet. This particular analogy captured my interest, because when Adam is being injected with a needle, it reminded me of when I took my dog to the vet. Given that Adam was not born like a normal human being, the scientists do not consider him to be an individual, but rather a “successful” experiment conduced by Victor Frankenstein. Therefore, they believed Adam’s life did not have any meaning nor value. Victor did not want to endure nor take responsibility for Adam’s violent fit toward the other scientists, and instead did not care as much as to search for him and prevent Adam from triggering another violent episode toward innocents, like Wanda and Eddie. This demonstrates how Victor Frankenstein did not encompass the intellect and the common sense that comes with experimenting and challenging nature by brining another creature into the human society. A place that is not all rainbows and happiness, much more a cruel and lonely place for those who encompass grotesque appearances and not two dimes to rub together. That is called the world. Unfortunately, that is where Adam was thrown into and had not one clue how to endure his hardships.