Maya Carranza

“Victor and Elizabeth view their creation in different ways. In a way they serve as stand-ins for how science tends to view people with disabilities. On the one hand, Elizabeth, people with disabilities are still able to feel and should be viewed with compassion. They should be cared for. On the other hand, Victor, represents viewing people with disabilities as lesser, as failed by-products, that need to be taken care of.”

There are many different views on people with disabilities which can be viewed in the 2015 adaptation of Frankenstein by Bernard Rose. The second comment offers a great representation of that. Throughout the film, people treated the monster in many different ways. For example, Victor treated the monster badly and as something that needed to be fixed because of his lack of abilities that “normal” people are able to do. On the other hand, Elizabeth, cared and was compassionate about the monster and even felt remorseful when Victor wanted to put him down. This comes to show the way people view and act towards others with disabilities. One great example of that in todays society is that once parents find out their child may be born with a disability they get an abortion or put them down (like Victor) while others are sympathetic and actually believe they deserve a chance at life (like Elizabeth). To conclude, this film brings to light the way people act, good and bad, towards others that are seen as “not normal”.