Selection 2 has the broadest observation over the film since, in almost every scene that is essential, there is always that underlying notion about what compassion and inhumanity should be enacted upon Adam. As we see with the scenes with Eddie, he is compassionate to “Monster” as he knows that he is unable to speak and has trouble understanding the world; a trait of community and understanding that ultimately leads to a development for Adam. However, the inhumanities Adam had suffered from his very creator Victor (and Elizabeth) through the process of Euthanasia can be seen in smaller sequences throughout the film; mostly upon other interactions with people since they see Adam as just a grotesque abomination. A good fit for one who is both kind and cautious of Adam would have been Wanda, where she is shocked by his appearance but nevertheless respects him and tries to educate him (in more ways than one(until her exit(yeesh))).

Alejandro Joseph Serrano