4. Somehow, by wanting to produce a more perfect human being, Victor and Elizabeth are admitting to disabilities of their own. A creature impervious to pain and is virtually indestructible by medical and other violent means would be a triumph to the Frankensteins- if Adam were more conventionally attractive and had a neuro-typical consciousness.

I chose the fourth comment because it captures some of the thoughts that I had while watching the film. Ultimately the reason the Creature was easily discarded and allowed to run is because it’s a failure in the eyes of the Frankensteins. Their vision of a beautiful super human are shattered when his body starts to develop its infection. The fact they could not cure this infection and would rather just dispose of him and start over suggests that in the end he was nothing more than an experiment. One of many until they achieved their perfect superhuman. Throughout the film there are many instances where the Creature proves it is superior to other humans and yet what others fixate on his physical imperfection. Wanda says the Creature is nice but ultimately not worthy of a “free pity fuck” which perhaps would not have been the case if the Creature had still been conventionally attractive like he was at the beginning of the film. Another scene that shows how essential his physical attractiveness was is the scene in the chamber between the Creature, the Frankensteins, and the second creature. The Frankensteins say it’s him but better and the only visible difference is that this second creature is not physically deformed.  Lastly, the scene where Victor refuses to admit the Creature is conscious because he is not displaying a “normal” mental development shows how the Frankensteins had a certain expectation that the Creature did not meet and thus failed to be everything he should be. What the Frankensteins achieved was incredible but they diminished it themselves by deciding that the physical imperfection and the slow learning of the Creature were signs of failure.

By Diana Lara