by Amber Loper

Adams inability to speak is very similar to that of an infant and I believe that because he was “born” in the body of a young man, it clouds the scientists views of seeing him as anything but a man with a mental disability. Victor’s wife is able to see that Adam is responding like a baby and despite her plea’s for her husband to acknowledge it, Adam can’t be seen as a valid sentient being. Somehow, Victor must have suspected that by creating Adam in the form of a man he should be able to speak and act like everyone else almost immediately, but because he is like a baby, it is that much easier to abort him in the same way someone would abort a baby from the womb with defects. Adam’s body is much more advanced than a fetus, having been made the way that it was, giving him the benefit of stopping anyone who tried to harm him, the extra strength obviously helped. At this point, though, it is killing a baby that has already been born and living in the world.