Samantha Shapiro

From the comment selection, the one comment that stood out to me the most to a broader interpretation of the film was regarding Adam’s language disability and how it made him, in a sense, sub-human.

“I noticed that the “disability” portrayed in the film is “Adam’s” inability to speak and comprehend his surroundings. This is something that the doctors believed needed to be fixed. In doing so, they treated “Adam” like an animal; the scene in which they inject medicine into his body is very similar to when a veterinarian puts shots into a dog

Many elements of this viewpoint can be applied to a broader interpretation of the film, which allows for a broader look into the inner relationships within it. There’s a focus on his inability to communicate and his reduced capability of comprehension initially is seen throughout the film, especially in contrast to the inner thoughts scattered throughout the scenes. Not only this, but the doctors’ “treatment” of Adam continues a stagnant part of development for him, in perpetuating a sub-human “dog-like” standing, but also can be used as comparison with the compassion and understanding the blind, homeless Eddie initially treats Adam. Rather than treat him as sub-human, they become friends, where Eddie becomes a mentor for him.