I believe that number 5 is very right on. It portrays disability as lacking and as something that should be fixed in order for “Adam” to be normal. In society, beings refer to anyone with special needs as disable or abnormal rather than acknowledging that nobody is less human than anyone else. In the film, we can see he is thought as less of a human only because he does not speak or comprehend what it happening around his surroundings. This proves that there is a certain image and expectations we must follow to be considered “normal” by society.  If not, we are labeled as less humans or have less value than those who meet society’s expectations. But, why should we fix things that are beyond or control to be accepted? Why does society find a way to make humans feel less than they are? We are all humans and all lack of something. One should not be portrayed as better or less than another and should rather make it normal that not everyone requires the same needs.


Dalia Ulloa