Comment 2 offers the best broader interpretation of the film. In the film, different characters see disabilities in different ways. Victor saw the creature more like an object or even an animal that he could use for his experiments. He couldn’t see pass Adam’s disability and believed that his disability made him less of a human. Since Adam wasn’t the way he expected him to be he thought that he had the right to kill him since he was the creator. On the other hand, Elizabeth recognized the creatures disability and believed that there was no reason to treat him as less of a human. She talked to him and helped calm him down on several occasions. Elizabeth did not want to be part in putting the creator down but Victor gave her no choice. Later on, we also get to see how other people view disabilities such as Eddy, Wanda, and the police officers. While Eddy was accepting of the monster because he himself had his own disability, the other people were not as accepting. The two police officers brutally beat Adam and shot him on the head with the goal to kill him. If Adam didn’t have this disability, they would have most likely not treated him in such a way but because of his disability, they saw him as lesser and non-human.  Wanda also made a disgusted face when he saw the creature and asked if he was contagious.