Of the comments made of the film that was selected, the one I felt offered the potential for a broader interpretation of the film was the fifth one in which the person speaks about the disability Adam showcases in the film such as his inability to speak and comprehend his surroundings. It’s something that many people with disabilities experience and something that many feel needs to be fixed, just as the Frankensteins did when they first realized his disability and its through realizing this that their treatment towards him sort of declines, as they move from treating almost humanlike to something lesser, as the person claimed in their comment with how the Frankensteins treated him like an animal when they decided to finally put him down. 

It’s through this as well that made me think of the sixth comment made by someone else, and though it’s relatively simple it does go right to the point in how they treated Adam to how they have treated patients in psychiatric wards with comparing the two. Psychiatric wards, or hospitals, have a long history in their mistreatment towards their patients, as many have tended to treat them more aggressively as we see in the film.

– Lou Flores