Tania De Lira-Miranda

The comments that offers a broader interpretation of the film would be #2; Victor and Elizabeth view their creation in different ways. In a way they serve as stand-ins for how science tends to view people with disabilities. On the one hand, Elizabeth, people with disabilities are still able to feel and should be viewed with compassion. They should be cared for. On the other hand, Victor, represents viewing people with disabilities as lesser, as failed by-products, that need to be taken care of.

The reason why is because it really reflects the real world. People react to people with disability in one of two ways; they either feel like the world needs to do more to help people or that they feel like people with disabilities are a nuisance. By explaining how Elizabeth and Victor react to Adam, we could discuss which view is the ‘correct one’ and which one the world should have:l. This would then lead to a talk where we discuss  the real world applications of the views. So either what people have done to help make life easier for people with disabilities or how the world is ableist