I selected the quote that read,

” Somehow, by wanting to produce a more perfect human being, Victor and Elizabeth are admitting to disabilities of their own. A creature impervious to pain and is virtually indestructible by medical and other violent means would be a triumph to the Frankensteins- if Adam were more conventionally attractive and had a neuro-typical consciousness.”

I found the idea that the creation of Adam would be a sort of vicarious triumph for Victor and Elizabeth caused by their inadequacies as mortal human beings very compelling. Despite the physical attributes of Adam, it seems that there is almost a disappointment of the scientists in themselves following the creation of Adam because they fail to make Adam a superior intellectual being. Additionally, this idea is analogous to the creation of Adam from the story of Genesis. God created Adam in the image of himself and in an attempt to create a being highly capable both physically and mentally. After doing so, God becomes disappointed in Adam and Eve following their seemingly moral deficiencies in regard to obeying God’s rules. Perhaps the only caveat in this argument would be that God did not create Adam in an attempt to make up for his own deficiencies, yet it does seem like he sought a vicarious triumph through the creation and reproduction of human beings. Ultimately, the relationship is the same: in both cases, there are creators seeking success via creation and there are beings seeking validation from their creator.

-Steven Gonzalez