Bianca Lopez Munoz

“There was a sense of having to “talk down” almost as if though “Adam” were a child, cooing as though he were an infant. There was a sense of discomfort and Victor did not see Adam as a person, but rather as an object that needed to be eradicated.”

It is common for people to assume that someone who is physically different is also neurologically different. A lot of times, people talk to those who are differently abled as if they are children or unintelligent. They may mean well, but at the end of the day it is rude and ignorant of them to assume the intelligence of another based on their looks/ability. Though Adam’s consciousness was at the level of an infant, he was still able to sense tension and other emotions around him. He still felt pain at the hands of the scientists. Just because he isn’t as neurologically developed and physically as able, he is still a breathing, feeling individual who deserves respect and dignity. I feel like the discomfort Victor felt revolved mostly around his own failure as a scientist to create a perfect being. Which I think might be similar to what some parents feel when they are told a child has some sort of ‘problem’ that isn’t typically expected or wished for in a child like autism or down syndrome and again though both have spectrums, these are both livable conditions. They aren’t people who need to be hidden or abandoned, which is what happened to Adam.