By: Sandra Tzoc

air pollution

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” demonstrates an anomaly in the climate through the very cold winters. This issue is accompanied by the banished creature which can represent the theme of pollution in the modern age. The California fires are analogous to Shelley’s freezing winters and both can be seen as consequences to the actions of humans. Climate change is influenced by different factors and one of them includes: pollution. The exertion of greenhouse gases leads to the entrapment of infrared radiation which can in turn cause the increase of gas temperature, consequently, augmenting the temperature of earth’s atmosphere. These California fires could be put out faster if the land wasn’t so dry and there was more rain. Although humans are responsible for the radical climate changes because we take part in extensive pollution, there seems to be a disconnect in culpability. Instead of blaming ourselves, we blame pollution, and make it seem as if pollution is created on its own. This resonates with the relationship between Victor and the creature, because although Victor was his creator he acted as if the creature was the only one to blame for the tragedies that occurred.