Frankenstein makes a lot more sense when looking at it through an ecocritical lens. The creature is an unnatural creation without a mother. The creature is crazy and dangerous. which is a whole metaphor for what happens when you try to control mother nature. But we also have to look at what was going on when Mary Shelley wrote the novel. During this time period, the Year Without a Summer was occurring because they literally had no summer for years. Mary Shelley has two quotes that stick out to me through a ecocritical point of view.

How dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.

If our impulses were confined to hunger, thirst, and desire, we might be nearly free; but now we are moved by every wind that blows and a chance word or scene that that word may convey to us.

both quotes have roughly the same meaning. How much knowledge is too much? And when does too much knowledge become dangerous? The answer for both is a scary one, we just don’t know yet. The second quotes is a reflection on technology and how far we can push it before we feel the push back. It is a commentary on how science is helpful but can be dangerous if misused.

–  Andres Quezada