By: Carmen Ibarra

I strongly feel like the creature gave Frankenstein the letters by Safie on her life story to help Victor Frankenstein get a little sense of idea on how the creature is feeling alienated by the entire world just because of his appearance, because just like Safie feels  unwelcomed into the place where she hoped to find refuge in, the creature is unwanted and unloved by the entire world because of his appearance. And sadly enough to say,  many people who are trying to seek asylum are getting rejected, turned away, and even killed. People are coming into the states in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their children, but the president and all these laws and regulations are making it extremely difficult for them to do so. It breaks my heart to see all the people trying to find refuge in another state yet their getting turned down and even killed or placed into jails. This also frustrates me because as the president is gaining more power white people are accentuating their privilege and we see this in the news today, white cops are killing people of color for no reason and white people are getting away with crimes that people of color would get killed for. Everything is so unfair when your skin color is darker than a white person or you don’t look similar to them.