In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the creature wished to prove to Victor “the truth of my tale” through Safie’s letters written to Felix, because he too feels the same isolation as Safie. Though Safie is a Muslim Arab migrant from Turkey seeking refuge, the creature identifies with Safie because she is a foreigner. Like the creature, Safie is different from those who she is surrounded by and in the same way , they seek refuge from society after being rejected. To illustrate, it is stated that Safie “.. was neither understood by, nor herself understood, the cottagers” (106). Safie and her father both face hardships because of their appearance.They are all marginalized by the society they live in, trying to adapt to Europe and a culture that is foreign to them. Meanwhile on the other hand, Victor Frankenstein travels to several places in the novel without getting questioned if he belonged there since he is a white male and doesn’t face any obstacles doing so. This relates very much to today, because people are outcasted simply for their skin, race, or status.  They are dehumanized, called rapists, terrorists, and more. Immigrants who travel to America, in search for “The American Dream” and better opportunities that denied to them in their home countries, are seen as “inhumane” or “animals”.

-Dalia Ulloa