Sabrina Vazquez

With everything that has been happening lately, it seems that more and more “the other”, is an issue being brought forward increasingly. In the novel this could be seen in how the creature feels or seems to not have a sense of self. Due to the fact that it is not accepted in society, it is exiled, and despairs from not being understood. Safie, and Felix experience similar instances, having to return or stay in a place that does not reflect their values or is best self-interests. The creature in their (Safie, her father, Felix,) situations found common ground, it was able to empathize with their struggles, since expulsion was something the monster knew all too well.

When Safie wrote, “They remained confined for five months before the trial took place; the result of which deprived them of their fortune, and condemned them to a perpetual exile from their native country” (113). It brought the novel into the 21st century, while simultaneously making a connection to the creature’s life. This is a common story that can be heard of from refugees and immigrants that flee their country with nothing; hoping to find something better than they left behind. Frankenstein’s creature in the same manner, was hidden away and when the town as well as its creator ‘met’ it, they condemned it. The creature fled once it had been all but shunned from the only place it had known in search of something better.

As to why the creature was intent on showing those letters, it was to demonstrate physical evidence of a human connection. Immigrants, refugees and I would argue that most human beings conjugate with others that they can form bonds with. The creature clung to the evidence of that connection, and through Safie’s story expressed the consequences of ostracism. It provided a platform to the creature to expose the cruelty of people in rejecting people from taking part in society. Sharing stories is a way to expose the unfairness of the world, and to lend comprehension in order to break down the barriers of preconceived notions; much like the creature attempted to do so here.