By: Sandra Tzoc



In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, the character of Safie and the creature as well as her father find themselves mirroring each other. They are all marginalized by the society they live in, trying to adapt to Europe and a culture that is foreign to them. The creature in a set of letters describes Safie’s experience as, “the truth to my tale” because her story resonates with his isolation from the world around him. Both face obstacles when trying to adapt to society and are looked down upon by the rest of the public. Safie’s father was wrongly accused and this is important because it portrays the truth of foreigners even today. Mary Shelley wrote about issues that are still prevalent today. The immigrants in this country are described and seen as rapists and criminals who steal American jobs. Everyday there is a struggle for belonging in this country and this is analogous to the experience of both Safie and the creature. Although they try to fit in and be understood by those around them, the community doesn’t seem to be very accepting or tolerant. Both characters are voyagers on this unknown land because Safie and her family are trying to fit in into this new world away from home and the creature who was abandoned by his creator had to educate himself. Their stories intertwine, and they find comfort in each other through their misfortunes.