The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley digs deep on issues that are very relevant to our time 200 years later, such as border crossing and illegal immigration. The reason the creature insisted on providing “the truth of [his] tale” by giving Victor a copy of the letters by Safie is because he sees Safie as a reflection of himself and he identifies with the challenges she faced. Safie was a refugee who fled to Europe to escape her father’s abuse and be with Felix. Likewise, Felix’s family also had to flee the country because they got banned from France after Felix helped Safie’s father escape from jail and cross the border illegally. Felix’s family now lives in a small cottage in Germany and he is teaching Safie the language through literature. Up to this point, the De Lacey family is the creatures only exposure to how society works and how humans interact with one another. He says, “It impressed me deeply, I learned, from the views of social life which it developed, to admire their virtues, and to deprecate the vices of mankind(114).” It was through them that he began to understand how the power structure works and how injustices occur.

Anzaldua’s ideas of borderland are seen in the novel when looking at the different barriers Safie and the creature faced. This further reinforces the creatures believe that Safie and himself shared a similar story. The biggest barriers for the creature are being accepted into society as well as trying to figure out himself and purpose in life. His barriers are more internal while, on the other hand, Safie’s challenges and barriers are more external. For Safie the main barriers are adjusting to her new home and lifestyle as well as trying to understand and be exposed to a whole new language. The creature makes this connection between Safie and himself because they both felt excluded or rejected from society at some point of their lives as well as fallen into the hands of injustices. Safie and her father were persecuted for their religion while the creature was targeted for his physical appearance. Therefore, he believes that Safie can understand him and that they both share a story.