Esther Quintanilla

Immigration is a prominent topic in the novel Frankenstein. One of the most important points in the novel is that Safie, a Turkish immigrant, is subjected to living her life in hiding; this is due to her illegal immigrant status and the crimes that are put on her lover, Felix. Her country lies in political desolation because of colonization, she escapes Turkey while her father is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Safie travels to Germany, where she and Felix live in hiding waiting for the political atmosphere to change. While Safie’s story is one that is very modern and can be seen in today’s society, there is something in her story that relates very deeply to that of the creature.

The creature is not an inhabitant of any country. He is not welcome in any country, abandoned by his creator at birth and forced to live in exile of “real humans”. The creature is not a citizen. Therefore, he is able to wander from country to country, crossing borders left and right. This is because of his state of being. No country wants to allow him citizenship because he is so incredibly inhuman, which is an argument that many have toward immigrants, even to this day. The constant disrespect and dehumanization of immigrants, such as Safie, is a behavior that the creature constantly receives from the people he encounters. The truth of the creature lies in the stories of immigrants, for he is an immigrant himself.

Immigrants from almost any country, Central/South America, Arabian countries, etc. are immensely slandered in political media. They are dehumanized, called rapists, terrorists, and lazy. Immigrants who travel to America, in search for success and opportunities that would not be granted in their home countries, are “inhuman” in the eyes of the law. They are subject to respect the laws of the country but are not able to live as Americans in peace. The stories of these brave immigrants are astounding. They have overcome every barrier, every obstacle in order to achieve a better life for their children and future grandchildren. However, this is something that the law refuses to see. Immigrants are nothing more than criminals, they will never receive the respect and acceptance that they deserve.