In the Novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, it is very clear and concise that the character of Safie and the monster become very close friends and have ties together. It is very clear that they have common issues with other. Safie is a  Muslim immigrant who isn’t very liked at all, and well the monster is a monster. It is also very ironic about the issues that are being brought up in this novel are like those that are happening with our incapable president. It is very clear that the monster doesn’t even know who he is and is trying to fit in, in order to not become or be seen as an “outsider”. The monster can be seen as immigrant even though he isn’t one. He is seen as different and as not likable in the society he resides in, kind of how some individuals are seen as now, for wanting a better life. The monster proves his “truth” by giving the letters to Victor that was given to the monster by Safie. It is funny and also very sad and disappointing how 2 whole centuries later, issues like those of that novel are happening today.  safie


Rigo Garcia