For next Wednesday (10/31), students will answer the following question prompt: why does the creature insist on proving “the truth of my tale” by giving to Victor (and, indirectly, Walton) a copy of the letters by Safie, a Muslim Arab migrant from Turkey (111; on Safie’s life story, see 106, 111-114)?  In answering this question, please use the terms and ideas of critical race studies.  Consider how Safie, her father, Felix, the creature, or other characters in the novel could be considered inhabitants of the borderland (Gloria E. Anzaldúa), examples of métissage or creolization (Edouard Glissant), models of double-consciousness (W. E. B. Du Bois), victims of internal colonization (Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o), or the privileged inheritors of whiteness (see Parker, pages 311-323). Please focus on one specific textual passage and define your terms.  To help you make contemporary connections, I’ve included below a short documentary of a Syrian refugee woman who migrated to the U.S, the story of a modern-day Safie.

Please categorize under “Tales of Immigration” and don’t forget to create specific and relevant tags.  The posts are due by 9:00am next Wednesday (10/31).

********Please ignore the Allan Lloyd Smith reading assigned for next Wednesday************